Sunday, May 15, 2011

~*Sunday Stitches*~

Oh... finally! Yes, I am FINALLY stitching & finally posting!

Hello Dear Friends! I'm sorry for my lack of posts ~ especially my lack of ~*Friday Finishes*~, but there hasn't been much time for posting & unfortunately, there weren't any finishes to share... mine or others. The days have been busy, but I'm hoping to have more time & control from here on out. In fact, today the gardens have been watered. They do need weeding, but I'm taking the day 'off' so I can just sit & stitch until it is time to fix supper.

My dear friend Marianne gave me Blackbird Designs A Stitcher's Journey for my birthday. It is a wonderful book & has inspired me. I'm not using a specific pattern in the book, but I am getting inspirations from it to stitch a pinkeep topper for this lil' wooden box I picked up at the craft store the other day.

I have missed my needle so... and it is so wonderful to be playing with it again.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. That's looking fabulous, Betty! I want it! lol! Good to hear you have some time to relax... you make me tired just hearing about all that you do!

  2. Your day devoted to stitching sounds great. I missed your post on glad to see a post today :)

  3. Beautiful piece Betty! Enjoy your stitching. I've been hooking but hope to get back to stitching soon.

  4. Beautiful piece to do and I like the idea of using boxes.
    I have some boxes that are getting warped, so need to use them. Thought it would be fun to use fabric and then a piece of cross stitch on top.


  5. It's looking great as all your work does :) Glad you found your needle and thread. Have a wonderful week.

  6. That will look wondeful as a box topper! I have not tried doing a box topper yet, but it's on my list (a very long list that keeps growing) of things to try. :) Glad you have the stitching bug again!!


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