Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday, UPS delivered a box of GOODIES to me! I feel so spoiled too! You know I just HAVE to share with you!

The small online group of AAPG (An American Primitive Gathering)... or USAPRIM on Ebay... that I belong too is celebrating our anniversary with a swap. Joanne had my name... and she really did spoil me!!


Our fearless leader, Kelley, suggested we send ornies with one of them being a sunflower. We could hook, punch, stitch, or just do whatever... but she insisted we have fun with it & keep it simple. We are just to share the joy of friendship with our group... well, Joanne sent me more than she really needed to... but I'm not sending it back. I LOVE it all! And like I said before... she really spoiled me!

I have long admired Joanne's hooking online. It is awesome to own some of her treasures now. Her hooking is fabulous!!

My new sheep pillow...

My sunflower ornie... check out those pedals! Too cute!

Joanne LOVES kitties... and you all know I do too!

The ornies weren't all she sent! This sheep dish is DARLING! And... I so LOVE the dog tags... ok, that isn't really what they are called... but I do so ADORE them! She said the one with 'prim betty' is actually made from an old spool. And isn't the addition of the key & thimble charm perfect?!

I didn't get a close up picture of them, but did you see the Tastykakes? Joanne & I have talked about these before. They aren't available in my area that I know of. We have Dolly Madison & Little Debbie... but not Tastykakes. She was so thoughtful to remember our conversation & send me a couple of boxes to sampler. And did you see, I didn't waste any time sampling the chocolate & peanut butter ones? YUMMY! I'm sure it won't belong before I have empty boxes to take out to the garage for recycling.

Joanne, thank you so much! I love each and every goodie! You are a sweetheart!

My swap box was just put in the mail this morning to be delivered to somewhere in the US. Hopefully my swap buddy will love the handmades I made as much as I love the ones I received. I did take pictures before packing the box... and will post as soon as they are received.

On another note... thank you all for the sweet comments about Trinity's room. It really was a chore, but it seems the hard work has paid off. He and I worked together yesterday to sort though his toys. We were able to fill one box to give away... and I may take the advice given by y'all... and sort again when he is at school.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Wonderful goodies and beautiful hand mades.


  2. What awesome goodies, thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. That Joanne is most talented and most generous! I love everything she sent you!

  4. What a fun swap, a really nice bunch of goodies,
    everything is so nice. I love the cat, too cute.

  5. Such lovely gifts! Love your "Prim Betty" necklace - just perfect!
    Enjoy them all!
    Blessings, Patti

  6. Ah, yes, tastykakes--the Philadelphia treat!

  7. Hi Betty,
    I just had to comment about your goodies from Joanne!! She is such a dear heart and so very thoughtful and generous and all your gifts certainly show that!! I lived in PA for about 4 years and sure do miss those Tastykakes too!!
    I love her hooked pieces so much and was especially taken with the necklace too....just wonderful!!
    It is so nice to see such kindness and caring in blogland!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Blessings to you~~

  8. WOW!
    What an amazing swap goody package.
    I truly loved everything!!
    That necklace is soooo sweet.


  9. That is some kind of swap!! Holy smokes!! LOVE it all....At first I thought, hey, that box was mis-sent and should have come to me...but then I saw the necklace, and nope, it's yours....LOVE the necklace with the charms!! Never had tastykakes either....Don't think they sell them around here either. Glad you got such a happy box full of fun treasures....Joanne must truly be a sweetheart!! Enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Wow Betty - what a nice post! It makes me smile knowing you like everything! It was fun creating for you (yet intimidating since you make the most perfect prims! LOL) Take care my friend!

  11. wow what a lovely fun swap..with so many goodies..i loved everything so much..the sweet kitty is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee..enjoy them all so much..
    hugs xx

  12. Betty ~
    Blogger is being persnickity and I must post as anonymous since my first comment disappeared. Bah humbug!
    As I was saying...Joanne makes the best goodies - LOVE them all. And...she is one of the nicest persons you could ever meet!
    Pug hugs :)

  13. All gorgeous goodies!!! The hooked pieces, the dog tags and that loverly sheep dish! Wow! Sure glad you enjoy the tastycakes! The peanut butter ones are my favorite!

  14. Wow, all so nice and I especially love the sunflower ornie! Eat a cake for me too!! ~Kriss~

  15. What a Great package Betty! Joanne is awesome, and agree with what everyone says about her :)


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