Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~*Kind Assistance For Friends*~

Hello Dear Friends!

The weather is still hot here... so hot that many of my flowers and garden veggies are done or almost done. The grass is crunchy and sounds the same as our gravel driveway when you walk through the yard. Fortunately, we do have slight chances for rain over the next 7 days or so... and the mercury is suppose to drop out of the triple digits and go down into the 90s. Showing any pictures of my plants would be a downer for sure... so I'm not going to share. I've been working on several projects, but they are for gifts and cannot be shared until gifted. Soon... very soon.

So...while trying to decide what to post about today... it dawned on me that I should post for a few buddies that have asked for my assistance. Maybe you can help them too. :)

First of all... Terri of Dixie Samplar had a blog catastrophe... she lost her entire blog and has had to begin again. After lots of frustration... she is back up and running... AND HAVING A GIVEAWAY TOO! So please, pop on over to visit her, become a follower, and sign up for the giveaway while you are there. She will be thrilled to see you!

Next... my buddy Dora (no blog) is asking if anyone can identify this Mystery Flower...

Simply beautiful... don't you agree?

She spotted this lovely on a recent trail walk behind her home. It reminded her so much of the sunflowers on my latest freebie. (How sweet!) She asked me if I knew the name of the flower? And also, if it is from the sunflower family? She looked in a wildflower picture book she owns, but couldn't locate it.

I'm terrible at remembering what the names of flowers are. My Mom can rambled off one name after another... but apparently the storage in my own brain is lacking in that area. I'm sorry Dora... I don't know... but maybe someone in Blogland will and can post a comment? Do you know? Please help! Thank you in advance!

The Lyon County Fair is going on here... tonight I've promised the kiddo we would go. It is wristband night... all the rides you with purchase of one. So... carnival rides it is!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Yep... our grass is getting crunchy too... we are expecting rain today... so hopefully it will be a good soaker! Don't know the name of that flower... but it certainly is stunning!

  2. It looks to be a type of cone flower. When it is finished blooming the petals will droop and the center will stand out more.

  3. I feel bad for all of you in the midstates. We are getting nice temps and breezes this week and a bit of rain here and there. My garden is finally blooming, so I am hoping to have some veggies to eat this weekend. The flower looks like a sunflower variation to me, but I am not a flower person. I buy seeds, put them in the ground and hope they grown, lol.


  4. we keep having we spots and the nothing ... I think your flower is a dahlia :) hope that helps :) love mouse xxxx

  5. in southa frica we are opposite side of the is very cold here at the moment..but this is the last month of cold month...
    1st september is the offical spring day here..
    for thr flower i dont know what it is called..but it is really so beautiful xx

  6. Happy Wednesday, Betty - will certainly go and check out Teri's blog. As for the flower....I believe it's a rudbeckia species (believe it or not..."black-eyed susan" family....) There's tons of variations and some get quite large and colorful...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hi Betty,
    I'm happy to tell you and other commenters that a friend has identified this pretty flower. It is called Gaillardia and it's a perennial from the sunflower family with two dozen known species. Thanks so much for posting it on your blog. I look forward to doing some more research on it.

  8. I thought it was a Gaillardia too but hubby the horticulturist says it's a coneflower or black-eyed susan (rudbeckia). It is a beautiful specimen; I'd love to have it in my garden!

  9. Sure hoping you get some rain showers soon and us too! Hope you and Trinity enjoyed the fair :)

  10. From the look of the leaves, it looks like a Gloriosa Daisy. Have a great day!! Julie-plumruncreek

  11. I agree with Julie that it's a gloriosa daisy. Probably not a Gaillardia (though that is also a lovely flower with very similar coloring) becaused those have a fringed petal, and this petal only has 1 tip. The leaf also looks like the leaf on a gloriosa daisy.


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