Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Today has been a good one! It was the monthly get together at the local quilt shop for some hooking. Why-O-Why didn't I get my camera out? it was a nice gathering. Linda was working on applique Christmas stockings, Deb and Trish were working on hearts. Well, Deb was also working on a few other projects... she had forgotten her hoop was was filling in the time with many projects. There were only four of us there (missed you Sher!), but we still enjoyed the time together.

It has been three months since I have hooked. We didn't meet last month & I missed the month before... so it did feel very nice to pull some loops. Here is my progress on my latest, hickety~pickety rug...
Just a simple, old crow with a scrappy, hit n' miss border. I am just working from my scrap bag... trying to use up some of the leftovers.

Over the weekend, I decided it was time to finally paint our front door. We have lived in this home for five years. This old door has had years of abuse... from the heat of the afternoon sun & from the window on the cheap, old storm door being left open during the rain showers. The sealer on it was cracked, bubbly, and peeling... but it is a good, solid door. Tony took it down for me and set it on some saw horses... then I sanded & cleaned & painted it. After three coats...
It looks nice from inside with the door open.
And is beginning to look nicer on the outside too - notice the cheap, old storm door is still there. I am saving to buy a new, PRETTY storm door. Hopefully I will have enough saved up soon.

I also did some more stitching on my Autumn Challenge piece. The stitching part is finished... now for the finishing...
I will post more soon to share the finish... and have a goal to also release it as a pattern. What do you think so far?

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Your Autumn Challenge piece looks great!! Can't wait to see how you "finish finish" it.

  2. Love your new door and autumn piece! I also love your goal to save up to refresh the storm door--saving up bit by bit is the way to go for stuff you thought you'd never afford! :D

  3. Wow...alot of work but so worth it, your door is fantastic looking ! Your hooked piece is lookin great and the sampler would make me cross-eyed, but it's totally awsome !!

  4. Great looking door! You amaze me all you get done! Sweet crow!

  5. Oh....lovin' that crow Miss Betty...and your challenge pieces is amazing!! LOVE it!! Great job on the door too - we had a door like that too - somehow could never find the "right" red - looks like you did though. We also had "issues" with the screen door - and have replaced ours 3 times now....everything here was "custom" (ha!) built - so it's not as easy as just ordering a replacement door and putting it in - they never fit right, close right or stay right!! How something as basic as a door can be so vexing vexes me!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. lovely door..i love the color so much.
    and your autumn challenge stitching is looking so lovely..
    love and hugs xx

  7. It's always fun to get together and see what everyone is stitching on! The door looks fabulous! Great looking stitchery too!

  8. Wonderful finish of your Autumn Challenge piece! Love it!


  9. ooooo lovely on all counts .. well done on the door fabulous finish there and I really must get my needle smoking to get my challenge done :) love mouse xxxx

  10. Your door looks great. Nice that you all have a stitching group to go to.

  11. Beautiful red door, looks great on your home! I have a red door also. My hubby suggested painting it black... what?? Are you serious?? No! LOVE red doors. They just speak primitive, country to me.

    Wonderful pieces you are working on! The scrappy border looks so neat! Don't you just love when using your scraps turn out so neat?

  12. Dear Betty,I love your red door,your porch and your stiching:lovely american!


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