Monday, November 21, 2011

~*There Is Still Time...*~

... to enter Ginger's Thanksgiving Giveaway! I dropped my name in for a chance... but know you too won't want to miss a chance! Be sure to go sign up to win this...

This is a darling rug she hooked from a pattern by Maria of Star Rug Company. It is such a charming design... and I know Ginger's work is always wonderful... just a perfect rug to display this holiday! So go over & enter for a chance to win!!! (but wish me luck on winning too! wink!!!)

Another busy week is ahead of me... starting at 6am tomorrow for work. Thanksgiving will be a day with family, but I'm working all the others. Hopefully my time schedule and my life schedule will even each other out soon. I miss browsing your blogs and I miss crafting like I use to... but I do seem to gradually be getting more and more done each day and not feeling quite as tired as I was in the beginning. So... hopefully... right?

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Thanks so much for letting us know Betty!
    I am also having a giveaway which I've extended the date~please hop over and join in. It's a 'your choice' giveaway~you get to choose!


  2. Darling rug....I feel your stress and "pull" of homelife, worklife, craftlife - and trying to find balance again....Wishing you time to enjoy the holiday this week....Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Betty...your such a sweetheart! Hope you are getting through those tough work days....I know you miss your crafting time. Sure hope you find some time for pulling some thread soon.

  4. It takes a few months to find that balance, Betty... but, sounds to me like you are well on your way! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. Having to go in at 6am does make it hard to come home and be creative, but soon I think you will be able to find an even balance for work and play. Glad you get to spend Thanksgiving with your family though. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!!!


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