Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Yes, I'm feeling like... or preparing to... HIBERNATE! The weather is rainy and cool (not cold, but cool). Actually, tomorrow it is suppose to continue to rain (we really need it!), but the temps are expected to be in the low 60s. WOW! Not bad at all for December. In a way though, I am yearning for cold and some snow... not enough to make driving treacherous; but a little white dusting would be nice. With wanting colder, wintry weather... I have been feeling the need to replenish my crafty supplies. This week I ordered a new cross stitch book, some wool, and some nubby linen. I actually feel quite selfish for doing that too... because Christmas is only a couple weeks away. There are gifts I should be buying! Is it horrible to buy gifts for myself? Yes, it is... but I will be buying gifts for others too.

Today is my last of three days off before starting another work week. I'm really enjoying my job, but I am missing crafting something awful!

This weekend, I decided to skip cleaning the house (it isn't disgusting... just dusty ya know!). On Sunday, Trinity and I spent most of the day baking cookies. We made four different recipes... and he was so happy to share them with teachers, the school counselor, his principal, and his bus driver. Tonight he will be giving more to his Tae Kwon Do instructors. Let me tell ya... I'll be happy to have them out of the house! It is HARD to stay away from them!

Since I still didn't feel like cleaning yesterday, I worked on some UFOs (un~finished objects). Today I plan to continue stitching and bind these two simple, scrappy rugs...
I'm such a strange hooker... or at least I feel that way. Some of my rugs have good, (semi) even loops...
And others are hickety~pickety...
It isn't a nervous medical condition. I plan them that way. The funny thing is too... the hickety~pickety rugs LOOK like they would hook faster, but they actually take longer. Strange huh?

There are so many more projects and ideas floating around my head, sketched on my notepad, and thrown about here & there in my studio that I WANT to do. Hopefully my time schedule and state~of~mind continue to even themselves out. (now that I'm working it is tough... I know many of you can relate) As the weather continues to cool... my plans for hibernating on my days off will hopefully be filled with crafty goodness! I wish the same for all of you too.

Warm smiles to you all...



  1. I'm glad you bought yourself some crafting supplies. We women work hard for our families at home and outside at our jobs!! Sometimes you need a treat and that is not wrong. Enjoy your new supplies!!!

  2. Hi Betty! I love that sampler in the picture! Is that something you are designing? Happy Holidays!

  3. Do you know of any links or tutorials about Hikety-Pikety rug hooking techniques...haven't learned this one yet...I am intrigued by your scrappy rugs...love the sampler to! Cheers, Susan

  4. Hi Susan,

    I don't know of any links. When I do it, I just make a conscious effort to pull some loops higher & more sloppy than others.

  5. Strange weather in many parts - it's been very dismal and gloomy here the past several days - but today is supposed to be unseasonably warm (30's)....And I love how you hook - when I first pulled up the post and before reading, I was mesmerized by the evenness of your loops - even your Hickety Pickety ones!! Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. truly so beautiful..i love the sampler so much..
    have a lovely day..hugs xx

  7. Hi Betty...I love those little rugs. Will you be selling them any time soon?? Have Happy Week in general.

  8. Hi Betty! Love what you said about "hibernating". In a way I'm ready for the holidays to be over so I can get back to a normal routine and actually do some rug hooking. I love all your cross stitch items! And, no, I don't think it's bad of you to buy items for yourself. These are things that family and some friends wouldn't even think to buy! :) Speaking of which - was your cross stitch book one of samplers? I also see that you have a link to a sampler group - what is this group about?

    Happy crafting! Char

  9. Hi Betty, I am looking for friendly bloggers from google seach today and found you...I am certainly glad that I did because I've been looking for your crafty skills. I love the rugs you've created! I want to stay in touch with you, so I'm a new follower. Please visit us and follow/join us too...I would sooo love to have you join out blog family!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Loretta xoxo


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