Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~*What My Momma Made...*~

and gave to me!

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your Christmas was full of joy! We had a most wonderful holiday here... I do just love my family! Of course, we were here, there, and everywhere... with lots of festivities & food. I'm sure I gained some additional pounds because I was NOT being careful with what I ate at all. Today is a new day though & I can get back on track.

We weren't suppose to exchange gifts with the adults on my side of the family. We are only suppose to get gifts for the kids... and it is so much fun watching them open all their packages! The comments they make and the expressions on their faces... what a HOOT!

My Mom didn't follow her own rule of gift giving! She gave my sister and I each a quilt she had recently made. Oh, we are happy to have received them... but she broke the rule! .... and in a way, I did too. Do you remember those two small rugs from a few posts back? Well, I let my Mom have her pick first & then my sister got the other rug. So I guess I gave too. :-) Mom wanted the simple hit n' miss & my sister, Angie, took the crow.

Anyway... on to my post! These photos are not great at all... they do NOT give this charming quilt justice at all... but here they are...

I don't know where she found the pattern, but the embroidery is of two sweet lil' bears. (She is the one who gave me my teddy bear collection when I was growing up.) She stitched each tiny little stitch beautifully!

The holly hocks are so charming!
She hand quilted the entire piece.
And even added more embroidery to the border. She sits in her chair every evening working on something and watching TV. She has a powerful light and her 'cheater' glasses. She does such beautiful work!

I didn't get a picture of my sister's quilt. Hers is a teacup quilt...about the same size as this one. Mom stitches each teacup & design with more tiny lil' stitches.

Now... I do know Mom is working on another quilt for ME. She has been making crazy quilts in the recent years too... and my next one will be a crazy quilt made of velvets & woolens! I'll be sure to share it here too... but she said it would be awhile before it was done.


Yesterday was spent resting up and cleaning up. Today is my last day off before my work week begins again. There is so much to get done... Early Work Mercantile updates this coming Saturday night... New Year's Eve. So... I need to get my ducks in a row... and get something worked up!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Betty,
    What beautiful stitches in a cherished quilt. Your mom is a very talented lady. How fun you both have a love of handwork. Hugs, Lori

  2. Your quilt is soo nice. Beautiful stitching! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. What a wonderful memory to keep of your Mother's needlework! Such a treasure!

  4. What a great quilt, and how wonderful for you and your sister! Wonderful for you and your mom to both love handwork too!

    Happy New Year! Jo

  5. What a beautiful gift. Your mother is a fantastic stitcher!! Have a blessed New Year!

  6. Love the crewel work on your cute little quilt. Your mom is very talented! Have a wonderful New Year! Janice

  7. The crewel work on your little quilt is wonderful. Your mom is very talented indeed! Happy New Year, Janice

  8. Happy New Year Betty Boopers...

    What a beautiful quilt your mom made for you. It is so very pretty. I too have alots of quilted and stitched projects my mom made for me and I will treasure them always.

    Hugs, Lynn

  9. What a beautiful gift from your mom, something you will treasure forever.


  10. Absolutely Beautiful!
    And I hear ya... now it's ... hi ho hi ho... and off to work we go! ;o)
    Have a blessed New Year's my friend
    ~ Debbie

  11. What beautiful work your mother does. I'm in awe, I love the decorative stitching she did all around. Such a long time that takes, and it's all so even and pretty. What a treasure you and your sister have. I can't wait to see the Crazy Quilt.

  12. Well, well, well....it appears that the creative and fiber art gene run deep in your family gene pool! Your mother does amazing work! Wow....I had a great grandmother who stitched beautifully well until she was in her 90's and was always mesmerized by her precise stitch work. You are so blessed to have such keepsake....Glad you enjoyed your holidays - hope your work week goes smoothly. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Now we know where your beautiful artistic endeavours came from. What a wonderful treasure this quilt is. YOU are blessed, indeed!

  14. Aww such a very sweet quilt your Mom made and she does some amazing stitching!
    Hope you have a good work week...looking forward to seeing what you have been crafting :)


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