Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~*Spring Is Near!*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend... ours was a whirlwind of fun and activity. It is nice to take a little bit of a break today to enjoy the sunshine and spots of Spring...

We have many lovely yellow blooms popping around the yard.

Both of our Apricot trees have opened their buds today... and the bees are happy! This is so early for them... there is a big chance we will get another frost and loose fruit again this year... but we can always hope & pray that we don't.

Remember this? My greenhouse! Tony still has things he wants to do to repair it from all the wind damage, but he did a little more on it this weekend... adding the boards on either side of the door. That inspired me to do some cleaning and decorating around it. Soon I hope to get some potting soil and seeds!
We went to two auctions over the weekend. I found several little treasures that I'll share at a later time. One auction had a portable dishwasher. It was white and had some wear, but I told Tony that I finally felt I could break down and put one in the kitchen (well, let HIM put one in the kitchen) ... most of my life I have not had a dishwasher. I've been insisting over the past few years that I was fine without one... and I really was... but it would be nice to have one. We didn't get the one at the auction... but we did go to the home store yesterday and bought this one. That, however, has lead to more work. It seems we are now in the midst of remodeling our old kitchen... the entire kitchen! It was sudden and unplanned... but I am so grateful! The cabinets to the right of the dishwasher are our old ones. The one on the left is a new one we picked up to fill the hole left from demolition. We discovered though... that the newer cabinets are taller than the older ones. That means we must replace ALL of our lower cabinets! The upper ones will remain, but we will be getting a new counter top and sink with the re~do on the lower bunch. To make the cabinets look like they belong to one another ~ top & bottom... I have plans to paint them... and I'm thinking a lovely slate blue~gray. Apparently Spring brings on RENEWED ENERGY! I'll update you more on the kitchen progress as we go.

I wasn't able to craft too much over the weekend... but I did do some cross stitch on the drive to Manhattan (an hour long)... where we went to purchase our new dishwasher. My deadline for Primitive Handmades Mercantile is approaching... and I need to be getting some finishes done! We update new offerings this Friday!

On that note... I better get to craftin'!

Wishing you all warm smiles and sunshine...



  1. Betty,,

    Pretty, pretty!..love your stitching and the signs of Spring...enjoy that dishwasher, I lasted almost a year without one..


  2. Beautiful pictures of the flowers, Betty! I'll keep my fingers crossed no more frost. You're going to love the dishwasher. The ones they have today actually use less water than washing by hand. I was skeptical when I read this, but my water bill shows the proof. Your crafting looks dandy! Looking forward to seeing the update!

  3. Isn't Spring wonderful? The apricot blossoms look so pretty...I'd have to bring a few inside! Your greenhouse looks like a lot of fun...another space to decorate is always good. Good luck on the kitchen redo....looks good so far.

  4. Your daffodils and blossoms are beautiful, glad you're redoing the kitchen, and congrats on the dishwasher! Hope we get pictures as you get the plans underway.

  5. I am so ready for spring. What nice pictures to get us in the mood. Good luck on finishing your creations. Blessings ~Sara

  6. I love your greenhouse. Oh...I bet you have a lot of fun growing so many plants. Oh, what joy that would be! Love the daffodil and apricot blossoms.


  7. Congrats even if it was unplanned. Every gal needs a kitchen with a facelift. We spend so much time there. Painted sounds nice a cheerful. Wonderful greenhouse. Blessings !

  8. Gorgeous blooms~ Congrats on the washer & a re-do~ooooo slate blue gray sounds beautiful~

  9. Love how everything is in bloom! Wow a kitchen re~do and with a dishwasher :)


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