Friday, April 27, 2012

~* Our Booth *~

Hello Dear Friends!  Happy Friday to y'all!

There aren't any ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share with you today... but, as promised, I can share our new booth with you.  We worked hard to move it to the shop and set it up this morning.  I am so happy with it... and so excited!  It isn't 'my' store, but I feel like this small space kind of is.

Our booth is at Ellie Lou's Thrift Emporium in Emporia, Kansas.

What do you think?

 I found out after we were there (after Tony built the wood surround for us) that the space is actually 5 by 8 feet. Oh gosh... I felt bad, but Ellie Lou was a great help and we made it work.  Thank goodness!
 We filled our space with handmade, vintage, antique, and all sorts of fun things.
 'We' means... my husband (the boat motor is his), my Mother~In~Law, Father~In~Law, Sister~In~Law, myself... and even my Son put something in it for sale (a vintage cap gun he had us buy at a recent auction).
 My Father~In~Law is our birdhouse builder.  He does a great job & really enjoys making them.
 A little of this and a little of that!
 Remember my dishcloth mania a few weeks ago?  Would you believe I made over 30 of them?!?
 I don't know if you can see it very clear, but this is the barn cabinet I shared in an earlier post.  The fabric on the shelves was put on with liquid starch.  I just LOVE how it turned out.  Unfortunately, I can't offer the cabinets for sale yet...  if they were to sell, all our other things would be sitting on the floor.  So, we are headed to another auction this weekend... maybe I can find more treasures!

I wish I could be a fly on the wall... I'm just so excited!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Looks like a great booth filled with lots of wonderful things and so much is handmade! Love how your fabric is on the shelves.
    Have fun on your treasure hunt!

  2. I have the same pot bellied oil heater that you have! It was my Husband's Grandmothers, and I re-painted mine in flat black/gold. I might just re-paint it white! Thanks for the great idea!
    Barb in Syracuse

  3. Your booth looks great, Betty! I wish you great success on this new venture!

  4. I want to come shopping ;)
    Good luck! Wishing you lots of sales!
    Blessings, Patti

  5. It all looks sooo good!! I bet your gonna sell like crazy!!

  6. Oh congratulations, Betty (and team!), on your new booth adventure!! (Playing a little catch-up here - so sorry I've been MIA....) It looks like a wonderful collection of treasures! I love that little hooked crow - and your FIL's birdhouses!! So tweet!! Wish Emporia was closer! (And - lol on the boat motor....For some reason, I scrolled through the photos first this time before reading the text and thought "gee, that looks like a boat motor...." Duh - it WAS a boat motor.... ;o) Best of luck to all of you and the new adventure....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Oh will you be opening a booth near me? Everything looks the arrangement & how you have things displayed. I would spend alot of time in your booth for sure!
    Wishing you nothing but happiuness & success with your new venture!

    Blessed be,

  8. Betty ~
    The booth looks wonderful! May your sales be plentiful.
    Hugs :)

  9. Your booth looks wonderful and everything looks so nice on the cabinets and shelves you got.


  10. Just wonderful...have fun at the auction...we missed one I really wanted to go to, but were in Wichita...I really wanted to go there, too.

  11. ooo good luck with it all :) and it looks lovely ... :) love mouse xxxxx

  12. Looks like fun. Now I have to come see all of your goodies!


  13. Your booth looks awesome, Betty. Can't wait to come back your way and visit it. Such a wide variety of stuff to choose rom. Wishing you and your family lots of sales!!!


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