Tuesday, April 3, 2012

~*Spring Has Sprung!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Spring has Sprung! We have flowers blooming all over the yard... and more getting ready to pop! It is exciting and beautiful... so good for the soul!

One of our many Redbud trees... and lilac bushes... these are in our front yard blooming to greet those passing by.
The flower bed in the front of our home is full of blooming phlox.

More lilacs... oh it just smells Heavenly!

The daffodils are done blooming... but the birds are back visiting the birdbath for a splash.
I just LOVE my poppies... and they are getting close to opening up!
We have two apricot trees... and they are both full of baby apricots! We should have a great year for fruit this year. In our yard we have apricots, pears, apples, and grapes. There may be some jam making later this summer!
The lilacs are starting to drop their blooms... but we have visitors on them too. Right before I snapped this picture, there were two beautiful butterflies.

This was another full weekend past. The kitchen is getting close to completion. It will be awhile before we have a counter-top... but everything else is looking great. The hardware is all installed... new pulls and knobs. I ordered a new exhaust hood yesterday. It will arrive from UPS soon. And a few other small touches will be completed here and there. We spent a lot of time over the weekend on the yard... mowing and cleaning flower beds. I planted some annuals in my flower pots... and have been tending more in the greenhouse.

Today though... it is back to work! I have stitches that need stitched!!! Plus... right now (as I type) there are patterns being printed that will soon be off to Country Sampler for the "Prim Sisters" girls club!!! Yes, my model is stitched, my chart is charted, and instructions have been written. It will soon arrive for Jeane and the girls at the shop for kitting... and before too much longer... will be in the mail for the girls that have signed up. Have you signed up? There may still be openings if you haven't. Have you seen Wendy's of Pineberry Lane first model? It is beautiful!

"Prim Sisters School of Needlework"

WOW! Just so brilliant! Don't wait to sign up... spots are filling fast!

Wishing you all warm smiles....



  1. Can't wait to get your kit in the mail!!! I'm working on Wendy's now... and I love it. :0)

  2. Aahh, such lovely pictures you have shared with us. Spring, wonderful spring. Easter Blessings to you Betty.

  3. Such beautiful flowers! I love lilacs but don't have any. They don't seem to like to grow in my yard although there are many in neighboring yards.

  4. I love those red bud trees, Betty!! I used to have one in the back yard...but it was struck by lightening one summer...I was so sad...they are lovely trees. Your new design is beautiful..I don't know how you do it!

  5. I can't wait to get your kit in the mail from the Country Sampler. I stitched and finished Wendy's kit already, I just couldn't put it down.
    I know yours will be just as fun.
    Pretty photo's

  6. Lovely flowers! I haven't had luck growing lilacs here and I miss their smell. Looking forward to your pattern. I'm working on the Pineberry Lane one right now--very cute! ~Roberta

  7. Spring has sprun here too!!! Love your design!!!

  8. Your whole yard looks wonderful and I bet it smells heavenly!

  9. Beutiful flowers !!! me encantaron , la primavera es magica ...besos desde Argentina !!!

  10. So much beauty all around you!

    Ah man, Wendy's sampler is wonderful! I almost signed up but with 3 kids still at home, it's hard to find the time. Maybe I can join next year. =/ I just adore the name "Prim Sisters", makes me want to sign up just for the name, hehe. Can't wait to see what you put together Betty. I know it'll be amazing!!

    Glad to hear the kitchen remodel is coming along well. Such a tough chore but will be worth it all in the end. =]

    Have a fantastic week~

  11. I can almost smell those lilacs, I love the white ones too. I'm sure your yard is beautiful with all the spring blssoms.


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