Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~*Wondrous Wednesday*~

Hello Dear Friends! Wondrous Wednesday to y'all! Well... I've been working in the yard this morning & grabbed the camera to share some blooms. All these blooms makes it feel WONDROUS to me!

I just LOVE my poppies! They grow more~or~less wild around our yard... and I do threaten anyone that dare stomp threw them (cats and dog included!) or who dare try to mow them down!

They are so pretty blowing in the wind!

These old fashioned Iris are my favorite Iris of all... they smell so yummy!

We have so many blooms... and so many blooming earlier this year than normal. The Lily of the Valley and the Peonies are not suppose to be blooming until May... but they are bright & lovely already.

A friendly visitor... and a few stray Buttercups...

These old fashioned roses smell very fragrant too. Tony likes to enjoy the scent when he mows around them. He says they remind him of his Grandma.
The Knock~Out Roses that my Mom gave me a few years ago are blooming beautifully in the front of the house. They give the drivers by something to see!

Behind the green house is the ever~growing patch of Sweet Annie. Just walking in the yard around it is Heavenly... you can smell it as you crunch the stray growth under your feet.

The horse troughs were here when we moved in and I haven't had the energy to move them out. They are not especially 'pretty'... but they are useable. So each year I plant in them and let them be. The flowers in them now are ones I started in the green house a few weeks ago... Morning Glory, Nasturtiums, Zinnia, Cosmos, and Larkspur. Hopefully they keep growing. I did notice that one of our outdoor cats was enjoying lounging in them. Maybe he will be kind and not trample them.
This bench looks long~neglected, but actually I allow the Peonies to pop through the slats... just 'cause I think it looks neat!

These are not wanted, of course, but they do add some brightness to our yard! ALL OVER IT!

I decided I needed more blooms too... so I purchased a few more packets of seed at the store yesterday. They are now planted in some potting soil and in the greenhouse. Now hopefully I can find a spot in the yard to put them!

I've also been busy punching and stitching. The update for Primitives Handmades Mercantile is scheduled for tomorrow night (late) or Friday morning (early). The stitching will also be a pattern release... stay tuned for more info!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Gorgeous captures~ so early yet isn't it~ my Peonies are getting buds usually here they bloom end of May-early June~ I am loving your Poppies so many~ you sound like me let them go wild, seems like they don't last long but I think the orange just makes the beds smile~
    have a wonderful day

  2. Beautiful blooms Betty...thanks for sharing!..
    Have a great afternoon!..


  3. Yuor blooms are wonderful Betty...I love any sort of Iris...what a peaceful yard you have...

  4. Thank you, Betty, for sharing the lovely photos of your flowers. You have many of my all-time favorites...lilies of the valley, peonies, irises. Always makes me happy when they start to bloom in my garden.

  5. Those are some beautiful blooms you have in your yard!I think I like the poppies the best followed by the peonies a close second!

  6. Your gardens are so beautiful, I really need to spend some time on mine.


  7. All the flowers look wonderful. I do like the poppies.

  8. Betty,
    What a thrill to see so many things in bloom already! Your yard is gorgeous!
    I wonder if sweet annie would grow this far north? You don't see it around here at all! I would love to come and just sit and gaze at your beautiful surroundings!!
    Anxious to see your works on PHM.... !!
    Cathy G

  9. So many Beautiful blooms!!! I like the little children statues in the flower garden. The poppies and the roses are my favorite!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Your yard looks wonderful. Love all the colors.
    So pretty.


  11. Most of these are not blooming yet in my neck of the woods(Pacific NW). Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!

  12. I live surrounded by buildings so it is wonderfull to see that there are such wonderful spots on Earth to live on. Lovely garden!

  13. Betty! Your yard/flowers are gorgeous! I would LOVE to have an old horse trough like that!

  14. Betty ~
    All the flowers are gorgeous. Poppies and peonies are some of my very favorites!
    Hugs :)

  15. Beautiful blooms.You have old time flowers that make me remember my Grams flower beds. As a child I picked white peonies & Gram would let me add food coloring to the water in the vase. Later we would see the color in the peatles. Blessings!


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