Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~*Some Of What I've Been Doing*~

Hello Dear Friends! This is some of what I've been doing...
I seem to have the 're~dux' fever!

Above are some chairs & stools I've had for a long time (Found & stored with the hopes of one day making them cute!

One is finished... sort of...
Thanks to Pinterest inspiration... it has a new fabric~woven seat!  Pretty cool!  However, Tony needed to make a little wood repair for me... and we discovered after I wove the seat that it needs a bit more repair.  No problem though... he will fix it & it will be equally sturdy as it now is pretty!

(Funny!  I didn't notice until I posted this picture of the seat that there was a weaving error.  It is fixed now!  *wink*)
The green chairs are now white & waiting to be distressed in the garage.  The stools are also white.  I remember when I found all of them... my plans were to hook seats & covers for them.  Well, ya right!  I don't have the time for that!  I do have a lot of cutter quilts to use though!  Before the night is over, they will be finished (I hope!)... and I can show you more tomorrow!
I don't have a before picture, but I did this chair last week.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it finished... and someone else did too!  I took it to my booth & it was sold in just a couple of days!

I painted it a deep red with a black star on the seat... and distressed it.  Then, again thank you to Pinterest inspiration, I made the garland for the chair back.  Too cute, huh?!?
The garland is just strips of cotton looped onto a piece of yarn with a couple of bows in the corners.  Very patriotic with the red, white, and blue!
I printed off a star template from the internet for the seat.  The chair and star were painted with just ordinary spray paint.  After it was dry & sanded, I rubbed it down with walnut stain.

Tony was my handy helper when I was getting the loom warped up.  It has been YEARS since I have done this... and two extra hands were a blessing!  It is all threaded now... and I have begun weaving my first rug on it!

I'm using up all (most of it anyway) of my cutter quilts.  Friends, don't be alarmed... please!  These quilts are in some sorry, shabby, rippy shape!  The four pieces I need for the chairs & stools will be about the only parts of these old things that are any good.  The rest that has been cut into about 3 inch wide strips... is great for making my rug! 

Who would have thought?  A quilt becomes a floor rug?
There are more things on my To~Do List this week.  I cut a piece of weaver's cloth for projects for July 1st update on Early Work Mercantile (WOW!  That is Saturday night!)... and I still have numerous cross stitch ditties in the works.

So... on that note... I'm headed back to it!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. You sure have been busy...oh that little red chair with garland is AWESOME!!!

  2. I love all of the chairs, Betty! You are so talented!!!

  3. I already have an addiction to making banners and now you've fueled the fire. ADORABLE garland!! Oh my gosh how it dresses up the chair. The chair is so nice but I LOVE the garland! Great work!

  4. The chairs look great! Can't wait to see the white ones all finished.

  5. Oh, I had to laugh when I saw your thumbnail on my blog. I said to myself there is another person who has a thing for chairs and stools.
    Our shed and garage hold many of my found pieces.
    Too funny!
    Love the garland on the red chair!

  6. Your are really churning out the masterpieces! The chairs and stools are looking great! I do like the garland idea too... and the rag rug is look fabulous too! Busy as a bee! :-)

  7. Golly, you've been busy. I love all of your chair projects...just great! I especially love the little red one with the black star!

  8. Thank you for you for the inspiration...

    They are great finds.......


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