Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~*Still At It*~

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!
I'm still working away on my junky auction treasures.  (okay... I'm really just playing!)  You might like to see.
Please ignore the backgrounds... I didn't set the pieces up for very good photo shoots.  You can clearly see that if you do look... with the junky rugs spread out to catch the fallen paint, the ripped up boards on the outside of the studio, the dried up & crispy, weedy yard, and garden hoses left out.  Remember, I told you NOT to look at the background!  Hey, we are just normal folk here.
Anyway... here ya go...
This stool re~did so fun & funky!  I just LOVE it!  It was taken up to my booth yesterday with a price tag on it.  I was really wanting to keep it, but I can't... this is inventory for my booth.
Doesn't it kind of look "Dr. Seuss"~like?
 I gave it a good coat of Fire Engine Red paint, coated the steps with some Black Latex Enamel... that I added a little fine sand to for gripper, and then decorated it with the '~15' on the seat back.  The number doesn't mean anything.  I just thought it would be kind of FUN.

Here is how it looked before I started...
 Tony helped re~strengthen these old sewing drawers for me...
 They aren't finished yet.  I plan to distress them and fabric~line the drawer bottoms... and hopefully will get to that yet today...
This vintage sewing rocker is all finished.  I gave it a coat of Almond paint, distressed it, and re~did the pincushion with some vintage wool fabric... and filled it with raw sheep wool...
Also in the works... Primitive Handmades Mercantile is due to update tomorrow night/Friday morning.  So I have also been getting some punches done...
Thank you for letting me share.  I'm off to go play some more!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. hello deary, it is always so lovely to read your sweet posts..
    the little rocking chair is so cute..
    enjoy your punches.
    hugs xx

  2. They are all great! But, the sewing rocker is the sweetest! :-)

  3. Love the red utility stool. My mother has one just like it in her kitchen, minus the 15. They are so handy, a real treasure.

  4. The stool turned out great and the numbers in the circle are very reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. Love the rocking chair pin cushion, too!

  5. love your redos! and your punch looks wonderful! enjoy your evening!

  6. Love that stool. I like both the before and after colors. I have some things to refinish and looking at your pics is maing me itch to get started! Can't wait to see your sunflower punched piece. :-)

  7. Love how you did the stool, great piece to repurpose and use.
    I still have things I haven't redone, need to get started so I can enjoy them.


  8. love it all - and that color red on the chair/stool! Cool beans!


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