Saturday, August 25, 2012

~*To Do Today...*`

Hello Dear Friends!  Today we are enjoying some much needed rain.  It doesn't look like we are going to get the predicted 4 inches that was estimated... but we are getting rain that we desperately need.  We are greatly thankful for that!
We just returned home from running a few errands and grabbing a quick bite to eat... now we are going to enjoy the cooler, damp weather... open the windows and just enjoy being home.
These are things on my 'To Do List' for the rest of the day...
Continue stitching on the third school house sampler... that I hope to release very soon...
 Do some designing!  I know what I want to work up for the next Prim Sisters Club... It has been keeping me awake at night thinking about it.  I'm not stressed... I'm excited!  *smile*
 Lori's (Notforgotten Farm) 'Top Hat Jack' Challenge has me wanting to stitch too...
 Of course, I have booth items to work on.  I painted this chair the other day.  Orange with black trim...
 This great pattern from Maureen of Sweet Meadows Farm arrived in the mail this week.  I just know that my chair needs a garland made from it!  I'm thinking I have all the supplies stocked in the studio to whip one or two up...
 Some baking will be done today too.  My little guy will officially be 10 tomorrow!  He isn't a huge cake fan... but does love a good brownie!  He has requested I bake him a Birthday Brownie for dessert with supper of his favorite Taco Salad.  We celebrated his birthday last weekend at our local Golden Corral with family... but we have to have a birthday supper at home too!

I just can't believe he is going to be 10.  It seems like just yesterday when I was in the delivery room, exhausted but falling instantly in love with this sweet, 6 pound 4 ounce, 19" long baby boy!
 Wishing you a wonderful Saturday... full of fun and warm smiles...



  1. Your sampler is looking so pretty, Betty! I can't wait to see what the Prim Sisters will be about and a Big Happy Birthday to your very handsome son!

  2. Gosh Betty where do the years go? I can't believe he's 10 already too. Happy Birthday Trinity!!! He's turning out to be such a handsome young man. That "little boy" look is gone. he's now maturing and turning into a very good looking lad! Have a great day!!!!

    woolly hugs

  3. aww your sampler is looking so cute..
    tomm is your son birthday..mine is today he is also a sweet.please tell him that another virgo fellow is saying happy birthday to him.
    big hugs for you xxx

  4. Oh Betty! Trinity is growing up so fast! He looks very happy, and that is what is important! Love the soft colors of the next schoolhouse sampler! And, Lori's pumpkin guy is looking more and more tempting to stitch too... I received my copy of the Sweet Meadow Farms garland too... so many fun projects!!!! Better get going here!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your very handsome young man. I feel as if I've watched him grow up in blogland!
    Hugs :)

  6. The weather was nice here today too- it was cloudy but didn't get any rain. I took my son to the park and wished I would've worn jeans and a jacket! Here's hoping for an early fall. :) The schoolhouse sampler looks lovely!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TRINITY!!!! How fast they grow up. Looks like you have had a good weekend filled to the brim :)

  8. Love the colors in your new piece. Your DS has certainly grown.
    Happy birthday!!!:)


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