Friday, September 28, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Happy Friday and Happy Fall!  I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  My Step-Dad, John, is home from the hospital and healing.  He will still be having another surgery in about 4 weeks... but he is healing and getting more healthy.  The surgery planned, is more serious... but with the continued prayers... he will be just fine.  Thank you!

Carla posted this finish on Facebook to share...
 This is her finish of my freebie ~*Scissor FOB*~.  Isn't it just darling perched on that cute bear's lap?  Thank you , Carla, for stitching and sharing.  You do wonderful work.  It is always a delight to see!

I have been getting some punches worked up...
Early Work Mercantile updates on Sunday night.  I thought there was enough time to work on a few more Jacks!  This is one of two in the making.  More on them later.  *smiles*

In other news... my husband and I decided now was the time!  You have heard me talk about my studio next door.  When we first bought our home, I wanted to make the entire original farmhouse into a shop... but part of it is too far gone.  At least, for the amount of money we have for repairs it is.  BUT... we did make two rooms usable and I have been loving them.  Our news now?  Well, we have decided that one room... tiny as it is... WILL BE A SHOP!  Yes, I am going to open a shop in there very soon!  There are still some details I need to figure out & some repairs on the front porch to make it safe... but in the near future... ~*primitivebettys*~ will be open with regular hours to the public!  I plan to offer antiques, vintage, and handmades.... and, of course, my patterns.  My shop room is super~duper~dinky~tiny~small... but that will just make it that much more cozy.  Right?

I have been working on re~arranging and re~organizing things over there this week.  The old part of the house is still dry & will be used as my warehouse.  So, lots of things have been securely boxed into clear totes for safe keeping over there.  Here is my progress so far...
 My wool has been sorted and refolded.  My craft books have been thinned down... I'm only keeping the ones I really LOVE.
 A place for everything and everything in its place!
 The Primitive Betty rug was made by my very dear friend, Ginger!  There are many, many, many other wonderful handmades created and given to me by dearly loved friends too.
 A corner for my ~*primitivebettys*~ models.
 My sewing desk is still a 'catch all' for clutter.  I'll get to it today.
 Inside this cabinet is all my cotton fabric.  I don't have a lot, but I do have a lot of little pieces!
 It is nice to have it all neatly folded again!

 And now the 'shop' room.  I haven't done much work in here yet... as you can see...

 Looking from the shop into the workroom...
Guess I should be getting off the computer and back to work.  Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

Warm smiles...



  1. wow!!! congratulations for your shop room! i loved it!!! kisses

  2. Glad your step dad is doing well!! Good for you on opening your shop!!!!!!! Small doesn't mean bad, just what is perfect for you right now. I have a spare bedroom in my apartment that I'm using as a guest/craft room and am also sorting and organizing right now. I'm actually going to switch the master bedroom and spare room around so I have a lot to do. I have do re-chart my sampler patterns too as I lost ALL of them on my other computer and can't find a free program to use for the time being, the one I used before is not free now...any suggestions?? If so please send me a note on my blog. Just posted pictures of my small prim apartment we're in temporarily if you want to take a look. So happy you have so much goodness right now!! ~Kriss~

  3. Oh Betty would you come to my house and organize and purge my rug hooking mess? You look so orderly and bet you can find everything you look for.


  4. Continued prayers for your family...John couldn't have a better step daughter!!!

    Love your plans for a little sounds perfect...I know you'll fill it with irresistables...

  5. wowwwwwwwwwwww
    well done for your room..i love it so much..
    hugs xxx

  6. Hi Betty! Was kinda surprised to see the picture here! I so appreciate you sharing your patterns. The shop sounds exciting! Keep us updated! Have a great weekend.

  7. So glad your "dad" is home and praying that the surgery in a few weeks goes very well.
    So very glad you are getting started on your very own shop.....guess a visit once it's open is a must from some Okies! Looking forward to all the goodies you will have.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Congratulations Betty! That will be wonderful having your shop right at home but not actually in your home if you know what I mean. Perfect for you right now at this time of life. So happy to hear your step dad is doing so well. Best wishes with everything!!!


  9. Wow everything looks so neat and organized! And oh my...all that wool and fabric! Best wishes for your shop! :)


  10. That is so awesome Betty and I am so happy for you! I miss my shop and hope to one day have another here on the property!
    Continued thoughts and prayers for your step dad and for all.

  11. Wishing you nothing but the best with all you have going on.. the shop, your step dad, your life.

  12. So happy that your step dad is healing. How exciting about your shop! Oh how I wish it was closer :) Congratulations and the best of luck to you!
    Blessings, Patti

  13. glad your step dad is doing well..and congrats on starting your shop! what great fun for you! love the pictures of your area! doesnt take long to fill up does it? enjoy your day!

  14. Hi Betty,
    Please give us the address of your shop. I live in MO and I can feel a road trip coming in the future.
    Betty in MO

  15. :-) More shop info will be posted here on my blog... very soon! It isn't open just yet, but will be before too much longer. Thank you to all of you for your support & praise!

  16. Your shop looks wonderful how I wish I could see it in person! I know you're gonna love having your own shop!


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