Friday, October 5, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hi ya Dear Friends & Happy Friday!  Oh goodness... this has been yet another whirlwind of a week!  I've been busy trying to get things together for the new shop.  I've met with the county to get permits... and talked with the insurance company to make things straight with them.  My beloved husband built me some General Store shelves... and I sanded, primed, and painted them.  He also patched up the floor on the porch... and I painted that.  Then today... I visited some sales looking for more inventory.  Oh... and I have baked 3 pies just this week!  One peach pie for my dear MIL for her birthday (Happy Birthday Mary), one cherry pie for my dear StepDad for his belated birthday (Happy Birthday John), and one chocolate cream pie for my husband... just because he needs treated after all he does for me!

Also this week... I did a little stitching!  I never can get enough of that done!

Thank you, everyone, for the continued thoughts and prayers for my StepDad.  He is doing alright.  His doctor exams have been well.  He will still be having surgery in the next few weeks.  His spirits are up... thank you again for your prayers!

Here is a lovely ~*Friday Finish*~ shared by Ana Christina... ~*Sunflowers N' Crows*~ Freebie...
 Lovely work, Ana Christina!  The sunflowers are so cheery!  Thank you for stitching and sharing. *smile*

Here is what I was able to finish... amidst all the other stuff I've been working on... my own finish of my latest freebie ~*Halloween Freebie 2012*~...
 Would you like to see the front of my future shop?  Here is the future... Primitivebettys...
 As seen from across the road with the trees in the yard... I just love all the trees we have!  To the north (left side of the house) is a small, cozy wooded area.  Some day, I hope to host primitive gatherings here.  Vendors could be set up in and about the yard and woods.  Oh, I think that would be so dreamy!  Don't you?
 And my new shelves thanks to the handy work of my darling Tony!  I have plans to fill them with all sorts of goodies... handmades, antique, and vintage.  The items setting on it are newly acquired goods as of this morning...
Wishing you all warm smiles... and a blessed weekend...




  1. I can't wait to see it all filled up! I know it will be so welcoming and cozy!

  2. Beautiful finishes ..
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Very nice finishes! And your shop looks wonderful and inviting, so cute!

  4. Love how your freebie looks, you have a way with prim stitching. Love your new place, will be nice to finish the inside now and enjoy using it.


  5. please give us the address of "PrimitiveBetty's"
    I live in Missouri. I feel a road trip in the future.
    Bettyin MO

  6. Betty lovin the new house for your shop!

  7. What a fun and exciting adventure this will be! Loving the idea of hosting baking the pies was a good relaxation too, I love to bake almost as much as I love to stitch!! ~Kriss~

  8. Your new shop is looking fabulous and so are the Friday Finishes! Continued prayers for your family. Enjoy the Autumn days!

  9. Hi dear Betty, You have been busy! I know your family enjoyed the pies! I will pray for your step dad, the Lord will carry him through his surgery! Ana's work is lovely and I love your Halloween freebie! You did a beautiful job! The little bells are the perfect touch! Your store is wonderful and so beautiful! I am very happy for you! It is charming and will be a great place to host primitive gatherings too. Your hubby did a fantastic job building the shelves. I look forward to seeing how you fill them up! Have a lovely weekend! Blessings, Paula

  10. Love this pattern! Could you tell me what colors you used?

  11. Thank you :-)

    For my Halloween finish, I used Northern Cross 27 ct cream linen... 1 over 2. Threads are DMC 400 & 3021. After stitching the pillow together, it was stained with my walnut mix.


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