Wednesday, October 17, 2012

~*Mid Week Update*~

Hello Friends & Happy Wednesday!  My week has been a blur... busy and stressful... but enjoyable too.

Trinity's 5th grade class put on a darling play today.  He was Paul Bunyan.  All the kids did great & every student in the class had a role.  If they didn't act in the play, they made the props or did special effects/background sound.  It was WONDERFUL!  The kids worked hard to put this together and they were just as proud of themselves as the teacher, school staff, and parents were.  This is one AWESOME bunch of GREAT KIDS!

My StepDad's surgery has been schedule.  It will be November 13th.  The surgery is expected to take 7-8 hours... and it sounds like he will be in the hospital for about 10 days.  Your continued thoughts and prayers for him are greatly appreciated.  <3 br="br" kindly="kindly" nbsp="nbsp" so="so" thank="thank" very="very" you="you">


With the encouragement from family and friends... I have decided on a date to open up the shop.  Saturday, November 3rd will be what I'm calling a "Soft Opening".  It simply means I'm going to open the door and greet customers who would like to visit.  That day I do expect to be in the shop the full day.  However, it looks like I won't be able to set my official store hours until probably January.  Although, I do plan to be there quite often from here on out.  Folks who wish to call first to check that I am in, are welcome to do so.  In January, I will have the official "Grand Opening"... with refreshments and possibly a door prize or two.  More on that ... and the shop to come.

Here is what I have going on right now... in my shop... oh what a mess...
 I've been gathering goodies here, there, and everywhere... and piling them up in my room (and our garage).  There have been other deadlines for me to meet, so I haven't had a chance to organize, display, or price anything.  I still have lots of furniture pieces to paint too!  Hopefully by this weekend, that WILL HAPPEN!

One of the deadlines I have been working on is my next pattern for Country Samplers Prim Sister Girls Club.  It is finished!  As of last night!  I emailed Jeanne with details today.  I know you want to see it... and I will share it soon.

Since that deadline was met, I needed to work today on Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  It updates tomorrow night... before bedtime.  Here is my stitch clutter today...
This deadline is approaching very quickly... well, like I said, it is tomorrow!  Yikes!  I'm working on a few small offerings... thinking they will make great gifts.  Christmas is on its way!  Maybe these will make a good present to give a friend... or to yourself.  Tiny little stitches of sweetness!

I noticed something today.  Something that you probably won't want to hear about... but hey!  I'm human!  The stress must be taking it tole on me.  Yesterday was my annual doctor's check up.  All was fine.  She told me I was healthy.  She even said I could probably quit taking my bp meds.  Awesome!  Going gluten-free about 4 months ago has made a positive healthy change for me.  (Did I tell you about the gluten-free ordeal?)  However, today I noticed I seem to be getting a cold sore!  I've never had one before!  Those of you that have, I'm so sorry.  They are pretty crumby!!!  Of course, I noticed this after returning home from the grocery store where I could pick up some medicine for it.  Oh well, I'll be back in town tomorrow... if it gets worse over night, I'll grab some then.

Well, anyway... I have stitching to do & am sure you are grossed out now from the talk about my cold sore.  My warm wishes & smiles (hopefully without a cold sore!) for you...



  1. Put a drop of whiskey on your cold sore, it will kill the bug that causes them.

  2. Sounds like you are keeping really busy with family and your store, but in a good way. Trinity looks so cute in the outfit.


  3. trinity is looking so sweet in his outfit..
    have a lovely day xxx

  4. Busy but good busy, your life is wonderful chaos right now :) ~Kriss~

  5. Hi,
    Love the picture, sooo cute! You are one busy girl and I'm so happy that you will be opening your shop soon.


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