Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~*Pumpkin Time!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I've been working setting up my new 'shop'... and have the opening day set for Saturday, November 3rd.  That date is very quickly approaching & there is so much that I want/need to do before that day arrives.  I'm taking baby sets... but this evening I stepped away to have a little PUMPKIN fun!  My dear MIL & FIL took us to the local pumpkin patch.  Trinity didn't waste any time climbing up to the top of the hay bales...
 On the drive there, we talked about the first time he visited this pumpkin patch.  He was only 3 then and in preschool... but that was so long ago.  Time really does go by too fast!
 It wasn't long before he found the pumpkin he wanted.  It was heavy for him, but he was able to put it in the wagon.
 And because it took so much out of him (or maybe it was just that I wanted to remember that 3 year old from so many years ago) I pulled him back up to the front.
 This coming Saturday, my in laws are hosting their annual pumpkin carving.  Many of the family members will be there for lunch, carving, and more fun.  Trinity has his pumpkin and is ready!


I've been meaning to share this delight with you.  It arrived in the mail just the other day.  It is a sweet gift/prize from my buddy Jo...
 She made two very sweet pins ~ a bee and a bee skep.  She told me I was her favorite busy bee.  *smile*  Well, lately, I have been extremely busy that is for sure!  She also tucked in the yummy red wool and thread.  Red is my very favorite color!  Thank you so much, Jo!


Besides working on the shop today and playing at the pumpkin patch, I stitched quite a bit.  However, I may be overly tired.  I kept miss-counting and having to take it out.  Over and over again today!  That stinks!  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I'm headed to bed soon to try to re-coop!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Halloween is always more fun with kids. Wonderful gifts from Jo.


  2. Hi Betty, Your Trinity is growing up so fast. He did get a grand pumpkin. I was wondering.....does he still play basketball?...Basketball is a fun sport. Our son went on and played in college, too. I think I already told you this.

    Friends, Susannah

  3. awww beautiful pictures of pumpkin made me smile too..
    lovely gifts from your buddy..
    have a lovely day xxx

  4. I have such fond memories of taking my boys to the pumpkin farm when they were little!! Thanks for sharing, your post gave me a smile first thing in the morning! Good luck on the opening, and i feel your pain on pulling stitches. I was ONE off and didn't catch it until I had at least a cpl hours stitching time in. If only they went back in as quickly as they can be snipped out! I'll be posting fall pics later today if you'd like to have a visit!! ~Kriss~

  5. looks like a fun time at the pumpkin patch.. yes time goes so fast! my babe just turned 25. and it seems like yesterday they were home safe and under my wing! good for me and them they have angels watchen over them. have fun with your shop and your stitchen! enjoy!

  6. Dear Betty, Trinity is a handsome, sweet boy! I can see how much fun he had in the pumpkin patch! They do grow up so fast, my sweet son is 17. He still enjoys picking out a pumpkin! We always have fun together and I am blessed to have him as I know you are blessed to have your son! The gifts from your sweet friend are beautiful! I look forward to seeing what you do with the pretty wool. I pray thing go well with the opening of your shop. I know it will be wonderful! I hope you got some good sleep too! Blessings, Paula


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