Monday, July 8, 2013

~*Latest Projects...*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope you had an enjoyable 4th of July... and my Canada friends a Happy Canada Day... and all the rest of you... just a GREAT Summer so far!

We had a great weekend... and our Summer has been a blur of delight so far.  I've been crafting when I can... and have been posting regularly on Facebook.  Like Primitivebettys if you haven't already!  Please and Thank you!  *Smile*

Tomorrow is the monthly rug hooking day with the wonderful ladies in Council Grove.  Sadly, I missed last month... and was very worried I would miss tomorrow.  Thankfully the host has her young granddaughter staying with her... and Trinity has been invited to come alone and spend the afternoon swimming in the lake.  I'm sure we will all have fun!

I've been working this afternoon to get organized for hooking tomorrow.  My plan is to hook some tops for a couple of auction/garage sale find stools...

 These stools were each purchased for only a couple of dollars.  I plan to paint & distress them.  Then I will attach the hooked tops.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Anita White's booth at the Greenwood Mercantile in Greenwood, MO.  I snatched up a 2 pound bundle of scraps for about $12.  No, I don't need any more worms... but these are better than mine because they are different than my stash of woolly worms!  Anyway, I cut up most of the bundle and will be using these to make hit n' miss tops for my stools...
 I will share the finished stools with you soon.

This vanity was one of my resent finishes.  My dear Mom picked it up at a garage sale and shared it with me.  She told me to finish it for my booth or my shop.  I will be taking it to my booth at Rerun Consignments and Mall in Council Grove, KS tomorrow...
 I had the upholstery fabric and decided to use it for the bench, back, and drawer lining.  It doesn't show very well in the photos, but the fabric is a pale yellow with a pink 'Toile' pattern.  No, it isn't primitive... but is is a great finish for a little girl's room!  Don't you think?
 To line the drawers... I cut a piece of foam core (sold by the poster board at the store) slightly smaller than the drawer.  Using hot glue, I first wrap one side with cotton batting... then wrap it with the desired fabric.  Next, I gently work the covered foam down into the drawer and glue it in place.  Sometimes the edges need a little adjustment to work out any bunching or wrinkles.  A putty knife or 5 in 1 tool does the trick to fix it.  The fabric lined drawers really add a great detail finish... in my opinion. 

I'll post another update soon to share the stool finishes.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. That is nice that Trinity can go and have a buddy to swim with.
    Love the stools and great for making hooked pieces, for.


  2. Have fun at the hook-in Betty! Love the finish on the vanity and chair! One little girl is going to be so lucky to have it in her room! The fabric is beautiful... and thanks for the foam core tip on the inside of the drawers!

  3. Greenwood is a fun town!

    Love the vanity--such a pretty color.


  4. Looks like your summer days have been filled to the brim! Love everything you have been making. Tell Trinity and Tony I said hello :)


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