Friday, January 31, 2014

~*Friday Finishes & Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I have received a few more finishes... that I am delighted to share with you!  Thank you to AnaCristina and Marie for stitching and sharing your lovely works!  You both did a super fine job!

This one is done by AnaCristina... from one of my freebie patterns.  (Remember, my freebie patterns can be found by clicking the link on the sidebar to the left.)

This one was stitched by Marie.  You may remember from the earlier post that she had done another Jack from the same freebie pattern, but without the word "Halloween".  Both are beautiful finishes!

I have decided I have an ADDICTION to JUNK!  Yes, I have always loved visiting antique stores, auctions, garage sales and the like.  However, I noticed lately that I have been visiting more and more THRIFT STORES.  And YES!  I do work in a consignment shop part time!  It is FUN to get old stuff and clean it up, maybe change it a bit, or just enjoy the THRILL of getting GREAT stuff!  Oh, and I am also guilty of picking up TRASH furniture on the side of the road on trash day.  It isn't a bad thing though!  This addiction is wonderful!


This morning my Mom and I visited an estate sale.  The photo below is of some of my finds from there... and from other spots this week.  This is only SOME of them though.  I have a bunch that I already found a new home for around the house or in our both.  I just LOVE it!  I love it ALL!

A few old (but not real old) cheese graters
an interesting glass jar
a couple of hyacinth vases
a pretty teapot with yellow blooms
a sweet little ceramic jar made in Italy
a clothes line bag full of old, wood clothes pins
a pottery casserole dish
a metal thing that I think might be the top of and old cake carrier... (I have some re~do plans for that.  I'll try to share it soon.)

and lastly, in this photo... YES, that is a jungle LION picture.  It is actually a puzzle.  I didn't buy it for the cats... I bought it for the frame.  Can you see the pretty corners?  This is a large frame ~ 2 ft. x 3 ft.  I'm going to make it into a chalkboard.  *GRIN*
(One of my stepSon's has put a claim on the puzzle.  He really likes it!)
And these I am sooooo in love with!  I found these organ petal frames recently at a antique store.  They have some beautiful designs in the metal.  I'm trying to decide if I will fill them with a hooked rug or a needlepunch... but am struggling with a design for them.  I don't want anything cutesy.  The piece needs to look like a tradition antique... maybe?  Or... maybe I can get the needle and linen out... and make a couple of samplers for them?
Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, January 24, 2014

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh goodness... it has been ages since I have posted a ~*Friday Finishes*~ post!!!  Well, I'm very happy to share these with you...

This one was lovingly stitched by Terry!  The pattern she used was from my ~*Winter Journal Cover*~ pattern... one of the patterns I did for the Country Sampler Prim Sister Club.  This pattern is not available at this time.  I'm sorry about that.  All my patterns are in a 'Retired' state at this time... except for my Freebie Patterns that I'll discuss later in this post.  Some of my patterns may be taken out of 'Retirement' at some point... but until I can get some things figured out, sorted, planned, cleaned, or whatever... they are unavailable.  

Terry did a beautiful job.  She made a few changes to the design to personalize it... and I think it is just GREAT!  Thank you, Terry, for stitching and sharing!

This finish is from Marie.  She used my ~*Halloween Freebie 2012*~... part of it anyway.  GRIN She stitched the Jack and he looks just AWESOME!  This finish was done for an exchange she was part of.  Another wonderful finish!  Thank you, Marie, for stitching and sharing!

My Freebie Patterns are available by clicking the link on the left sidebar.  Thank you to all of you for stitching and sharing!
I have been trying to move some new things into the booth I share with my sweet SIL at ReRun Consignments in Council Grove... this is also where I work two days a week.  It is a great shop!  If you are ever in Council Grove, you should check it out... and have a YUMMY meal at the historic Hays House that is right next door!

I finished this table... and the gobs of Spa Cloths (dish cloths if you prefer!)... and two Spa Gloves to fill our booth...
I like to crochet during basketball practice.  There isn't a lot to tote around... and if I drop a needle, the boys aren't going to get it jabbed into their foot when they are changing shoes.  The pattern I use for my Spa Gloves is a freebie found online.  It is actually for an oven mitt, but I think it sounds better to call it a Spa Glove.  Chuckle Chuckle, huh?  Here is one that is finished...
We sell some Bath & Body products at the store too... so together they do make a nice gift!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~*Getting In The Grove*~

 Hello Dear Friends!  I'm hooking... but struggling with it.  The bunny head and the wool colors are not working out.  It seems I have reverse~hooked a dozen times!  The wool is too fat, my hooking isn't fitting, or there isn't enough contrast in the wool colors.  Well... I'm not a professional hooker... and I don't 'color plan' before I start.  I just fly by the seat of my pants!  Maybe after giving it some time... and a good night's sleep... it will pull together today!

If you didn't catch it in my earlier post... this bunny pattern is a freebie given by the most~awesome Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  If you are interested in getting it, it may still be on her blog... or maybe she can hook ya up.  Easter & Spring are getting nearer and nearer!

I have a wonderful work space partially set up in our basement at the new home... but, as you can see, I still can accumulate a huge mess of clutter in the living room!  Oh... the comforts of home...
 I did decide yesterday afternoon to pull out the dyes.  This pile of wool is all a cool, gray.  I wanted it warmer and dirtier~looking.  The two pieces on the left are from Thrift Store finds... a skirt and blazer that I purchased for only $1 each!  The piece on the right is some wool yardage purchased at a hook~in last year.
 I tried to remember how to do this... it has been A LONG TIME SINCE MY DYE POTS HAVE BEEN ON THE STOVE!
 Here is the finished wool... much warmer AND DIRTY LOOKING!  I used a Pro~Chem recipe called Knapsack.  (The top two pieces are the Thrift Store wools.)
 I was thinking of using this wool in the bunny rug... and still might use a small amount of it... but now I'm thinking it is too dark for what I already have hooked.  Urrgghhh.... back to the wool stash maybe?

We are sharing our time with basketball this time of year.  Two practices a week... and now a game every Saturday.  This past Saturday was Trinity's first game of the year.  He hasn't played basketball since the third grade... he is now in sixth.  I was happy to hear he wanted to sign up this year with his new friends at his new school.  The team and coaches are really working well together.  Trinity feels right at home. 

The boys won 32-3.  Goodness!  Way to go!
Wishing you all warm smiles...


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

~*Happy New Year*~

Hello Dear Friends! Happy New Year to you! Yes, we are already a week into the New Year... but I do still wish you the best, brightest, warmest, most fun~filled & blessed New Year that you could possibly have!  I mean that with all my heart!!!

Like over half of the country right now, we too have been on the COLD side.  Today though, it looks to be thawing out some... and the weather folks are telling us it may be near 50 by the weekend.  WOW!  What a difference a few days can make!  Yesterday we were -10 or maybe more ~ I lost track... I didn't pay too much attention to the outside.  I stayed IN!  If you are in the cold... I do hope you are staying warm & safe!

We are still settling into our new home.  We had a wonderful Christmas... and now have all the decorations down.  I'm still trying to put some of our nick knacks about the house, but we are getting back into the groove of living... and doing things that aren't as stressful as the last half of 2013 was for us!

I'm so happy to share this with you... I hooked and FINISHED a small rug/mat!  Before the hook-in at Judy Cripps this past December ~ seriously, the NIGHT BEFORE ~ I drew up this little doodle on linen, grabbed a handful of worms, and started to hook.  I worked on it a little that day at Judy's, but then it sat abandoned for several weeks.  Until this past weekend!  I finished it!  I can not begin to tell you how good it felt to have MADE SOMETHING AND TO HAVE FINISHED IT!  My feelings of joy don't necessarily come to me because it is a 'great' rug... it isn't.  I love to hook, but am not really all that good at it.  This is just a finish for me and I was able to do something with my creative side... and work with my hands!  Oh... I do hope this is a start of more to come!!!
I hooked with worms from my scrap basket... and was trying to make the rug look good & old... and primitive.  Simple and sweet?

The linen was turned under.  Then I whipped the edges with some awesome, wool yarn that I recently purchased from my dear friend, Ginger.  By the way, have you seen her new website yet?  You should!  She calls it Prairie Moon Primitives.  Anyway, after whipping, I then sewed on a piece of aged mattress ticking... and a charming, red wool heart.
When we were moving, and I was sorting through all my stuff... I ran across this rug I started YEARS ago.  I had started hooking on it... but last night reverse~hooked it... and now I have plans to restart it as my next hooking project.  The pattern for this rug is one given as a freebie by the obber~talented & gracious Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  I will do my best to show it to you again SOON.... and ALL HOOKED UP!
Just for cuteness... this is Lucy looking out the window this morning.  She will bark & carry on like crazy when there is a squirrel or rabbit in the front yard!
We have our wood-stove working full blast... and it keeps the house so nice & toasty... perfect for hooking!
Wishing you warm smiles...