Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~*Mother Son Re~Do Project*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Last weekend we had the joy of attending a local auction.  Oh... they are always SO MUCH FUN!!!  We won several items and enjoyed spending the day together... my husband, son, and I. 

My husband was wanting (and very much needing) a log splitter.  He won the bid for one Saturday and has already used it to cut bundles of firewood.  He wanted a garden tractor that was there too, but the winning bid for it was more than he wanted to go.  So... back to another auction later to try for another.

I found a few small vintage dishes, and some re~do furniture that I hope to paint up by next weekend... (wish me luck with the clock working to my advantage there!)

My son wanted an old, kinda ugly landscape picture that was in the living room of this home... but, the winning bid for it was more than I told him I would go.  However, he also wanted a bed for his room.  He has only had a mattress set on a metal frame.  Having a headboard & foot-board is much more 'home' looking.  Well... he wanted this one...
 The bed is simple, plain, and probably right out of the 1950s or 1960s... but it only cost us $1!!!!
One brush is mine and one is his... we worked on it together with paint already on hand.  It was fun to spend some quality time together with the kiddo... and work on something just for him!  Something he really wanted and was into!
Once we finished... we didn't waist any time moving it into his room.  We already had the bed coverings and pillows.  My Mom bought these for him when he was only 2 years old.  He has kept them and loved them over the years.  Oh... and we have to have the Minecraft poster over the bed!  Well... I guess it was either that or try again to win another ugly landscape picture as I mentioned earlier in the post.  Ha Ha

What matters most... he loves his room and his space.  I'm sure tonight when he comes home from school, he will fill up the shelves on the headboard with more of his treasures and make it even more 'his' bed.


My pinkeep that was listed on Ebay didn't sell.  This morning... I did move it over to Etsy if you are interested.

I'm still working to get back in the swing of things... punching, hooking, stitching, painting... and whatever else I can do to keep me out of trouble.  :-)

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hello Dear Friends!

Hold on to your hats!  You won't believe your eyes!  

I have listed on Ebay and Etsy!!!  Yes, it is true!  Please Go Check it out!!!

~*Cat & Mouse*~ Pinkeep is on Ebay CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LISTING!

~*Bluebird*~ Pinkeep is on Etsy  CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY ETSY SHOPPE!
 ~*Bloom*~ Project Pocket Book is on Etsy
 ~*Sheep*~ Pinkeep is on Etsy
 and a few other wares can also be found in my Etsy shoppe!

It feels so good to be back in the swing of things... and I'm hoping/praying this is just a new beginning!  You all know I love to create and share!  

I hope you can pop over to see the finished wares that I have listed.  Thank you for letting me share with you!


I do hope you all had a loving & blessed Valentine's Day.  Tony gave me a beautiful azalea plant, a box of chocolates, and a heartfelt card.  Then, to my surprise... bought this amazing, antique cupboard on a whim when we visited one of my favorite antique shops... that is sadly, closing its doors next weekend.  We carefully brought it home yesterday and heaved it from the truck into the living room... then I spent the evening loading it with all my white dishes.  Some of my white dishes are Ironstone... some are not... but I love my collection and I love our new cupboard... and you all know I love my dear, sweet Tony!
 I didn't leave the store with only one new piece of furniture yesterday though.  I also nabbed this little pine desk.  It is well used, worn, and primitive... but it will soon be put in my sewing/craft room/studio to hold my sewing machine.  Isn't is just the sweetest little thing?
I love the lines!
It is Sunday evening... and time to fix the family supper... but afterwards... I think I'll grab my Cameo Needlepunch... and punch the night away!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hello Dear Friends!

It seems I am making progress and getting a few things done!  We are snowbound right now... and that helps!

Lately, I have been spending lots of time just mindlessly crocheting.  I do it in the evenings while watching TV... I do it during basketball practice... I do it during piano lessons.  Honestly, I am getting bored with it... but I still keep doing it.  Who knows why?

Here are another Baker's Dozen of dishcloths/Spa cloths... and another Spa Glove...
 I'm not really sure what I will do with all of these... but I'm thinking they will make GREAT gifts!


Recently, my dear friend Ginger hosted a giveaway on her blog.  She gave away this wonderful needlepunch kit... that she designed... and sells on her website ~ Prairie Moon Primitives... along with oodles of other great patterns, kits, and yarns!  (She sells on Etsy too... here is her shoppe.)  

Friends... working this kit up was JUST WHAT I NEEDED!  Last night when I punched this piece... and I did it ALL IN ONE EVENING! ... I felt like I was on CLOUD NINE!!!  Ginger, thank you for sharing the kit.  Thank you for the wonderful gift!  I loved working it... and I know I will be punching away this evening too!

 Ginger dyes some awesome threads.  She includes them in her kits.  They are they same thickness as DMC floss... but they are a soft, spiral of wool  (or something that feels like wool).  You should give them a try if you haven't already.

Before I draw up another pattern though... I have a work space set up in our storeroom to slap some paint on my recently aquired junk finds.  *GRIN* 
It is a little cramped in here...
And a little chilly too...
But I'm going to make it work... and make some more finishes.

Wishing you all warm smiles...