Friday, June 27, 2014

~*Feathers & Fur*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Please over look the messes... feathers, fur, and chicken poo... but here are some of our loving critters and spots around our country home...

OC (short for Oreo Cookie) chillin' on the bbq.  He is either yawning or smiling.  Believe me, this isn't his scary face.  ha ha ha  He is a very kind kitty boy.
Tommy is fast asleep on the deck.  (It is past time for a good power-washing here!  Good grief... too much cat hair & junk stuck in the cracks.  How embarrassing.  Maybe I shouldn't have shared this picture.)
 My old chair that sits in the corner of Brownie's pen... where I can sit and watch my chickens.
 We still have seven of these girls.  We brought them home in March and they just keep growing and growing.  I'm thinking we may start getting eggs in October.
 This is Brownie!  He is my friendly, lovable walking buddy.
The chickens are fenced in near Brownie's pen.  You can see his dog house and blankets in the background.  (He has about 4 that he pulls around the yard.)   He is a good guard dog for them.  He may look a bit intimidating, but he is all baby!

 Brownie is out in the yard during the day.  He loves to run here!
 Our pond...

 And in the house... Sarah runs things.
 And Lucy keeps it entertaining...
We have a few more outdoor kitties.  They weren't around when I was looking with the camera.  They were surely lounging in the shade somewhere.

I was going to give my finger a rest and change mediums, but this morning at the bait shop... I did pull more stitches after all...
Thank you for letting me share.  Thanks for putting a blind eye to all our messes!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Hi: I love all your pictures, your Sarah looks like our Blondie, I love that chicken chair.
    I see you are stitching from the With Needle & Thread, this is one of my fav Blackbird Designs publications.


  2. Not to worry, we who have even one FUR-family member has hair floating around.

  3. I am sure all the fur babies are loving their new home, wonderful place to play and explore.


  4. All the fur babies look so happy to be living out in the country! The pond is so pretty!

  5. Thanks for the pics Betty...made my day seeing all those fuzzy and feathered faces...


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