Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~*Summer Stitches*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Happy Summer!  

Summer is in full swing here!  

We are in the middle of baseball season with my son.  His team is playing well and getting better with every game.  The season goes until mid July and will finish with a tournament.  It is hot, but fun!  I love cheering them on!!!

I'm still working my 'summer job' at the bait shop here at Lake Wabaunsee.  It isn't a difficult job in any way shape or form.  Most mornings I have lots of time for crafting.  *WINK*

We have continued working on making our new home 'home'.  The list of projects we want to do continues to grow as we continue to try to mark things off as done.  We still have boxes of things unpacked.  I guess I'm slow in unpacking them (really slow!) because I want everything to be organized, clean, and cozy.  It will get done in time... maybe.


Here are a few things I have stitched up this week...

Two of these are my own patterns... two are from other talented designers (Lori of Notforgotten Farm and Isabella of The Primitive Hare).  I'm not sure yet what they will be finished into... but it has been very nice to be a' stitchin'!
 I stitched up these little ditties below on Osnaburg.  I'm making them into prim~necklaces and key chains.  They are filled lightly with crushed walnut shells.  I've added a bit of bling with some charms and used ball chain.  They can be worn for 'prim~fashion' or for use as pin rests.  The key chains could even be used to hold threads for a current project.  At least that is what I'm thinking.  They will be going to the booth I share with my SIL, Robin, at Rerun Consignments in historic Council Grove tomorrow.
 When school let out for the summer, the kiddo went to the bait shop with me for about two weeks.  He now prefers to sleep in. *SMILE*  It was nice while it lasted... watching him fish.  LOL

I'm still trying to work out my routine and get a handle on finishing crafting... and patterns... and pdf downloads... and adding things to my Etsy shoppe.  I'm sorry for the delay.  Please bare with me a bit longer.  I'll get there.  Hopefully sooner than later.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Betty - is the pumpkin tree your design? It's adorable & I'd like to stitch it.

    1. Yes, I'll try to get it released (probably as a freebie) soon. :-)

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  3. beautiful stitching! love the pumpkin flower♥

  4. Oh but I love those needlework pendants, so CUTE!!!!! Good luck and bet they all sell.


  5. Beautiful stitches! I love those pinkeep necklaces! Will you eventually add some to your Etsy shop too? Happy Summertime to you! Relax and enjoy some lemonade!


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