Sunday, September 7, 2014

~*My Shopping Cart*~

Hello Dear Friends!

We spent yesterday at a fun auction.  This auction was full of a bunch of 'former mechanic's stuff'.  However, I did find several new treasures in the mix!  We went because my Mister spotted some dirt bike stuff on the sale bill.  There were lots of tools, semi~trailers and cabs, tractors, lawn movers, metal pieces and parts... and a bunch of junk.

My Mister didn't win the dirt bike, but did get some dirt bike parts and pieces (and many other things)... the kiddo found a few things and was tickled to score a hatchet.  He says he is going to play Survivor Man in the woods today.  (Yes, I have warned him to be careful!)  And I found many vintage, fun things.

We filled the bed of the pick up...

My FAVORITE win was this shopping cart!  I love the vintage, rustiness of it!
 It is funny to say, but it rolls better than any I have used recently at the stores!
 And I love this little, blue washtub!

Of course, I am suppose to go to auctions to find cool inventory for the booth I share with my SIL, Robin, at ReRun Consignments in historic Council Grove, Kansas... but sometimes it is REALLY HARD to part with things.  

See this mess?  This was all piled on the floor in my studio... aka the basement.  Tubs of fabrics... also purchased at an auction long ago.  This fabric is mostly solids, but there are several vintage 1970's prints... you know, with mushrooms and bright stripes.  I bought it to weave with. 

Much of the fabric in those totes is on rolls.  I'm not sure why... but it fits great in my new shopping cart!

I ripped some of the fabric in strips to wrap the handle.  Personally... I think it is just super~cute!

My weaving loom has not been used much... but it too sits in my studio... just waiting for me to pay it some attention...

Oh... and this great, green Hoosier table... with the enamel top was one of my other great wins yesterday!  Yes, it too was won with the idea of taking it to our booth.  But as you can see... it also sits in my studio now...

While I'm sharing studio pictures... here are more long ago auction (and garage sale) pieces.  I put this old metal tub on top a rusty, sewing machine base.  The tub is FILLED with bunches of wool worms for hooking and punching... (ignore the extension cord... there isn't much for power outlets in this area of the house)

This wood table was only $1 at a flea market last year!

And atop my main work table... many projects that are calling for my attention right now.  The rest of today will be crafty!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Great finds and great studio! Nice to have a space to fill up!

  2. I have that same shopping cart!! I've never seen another one before. I got it from my great-grandma. Only one wheel turns, so it is a pain to move, but it doesn't stop me from loving it. :-D BTW I am a bit envious of your blue washtub!

  3. You find so many fun things and great for repurposing.


  4. Those are some mighty awesome finds Miss Betty! :-) LOVE the hoosier table, blue washer and the washtub full of worms! Great use of an old treadle bottom! Of course... the $1 find wood table is super kewl too! Yes... those finds are definitely keepers! Enjoy your studio!

  5. One of the great things about having a shop -- when you find something you love, use it until something else you love more comes along... If one doesn't have a shop they're sometimes called hoarders! LoL Great finds!


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