Thursday, October 30, 2014

~*Santa Claws*~ Punching is Finished

Hello Dear Friends!

This afternoon, I finished whipping the edges and adding a few accessories to my version of ~*Santa Claws*~...

This is a freebie pattern given by Lori Brechlin to the Facebook group members of... The Out Of Hand Rug Hookers.

I used my #10 and #8 Amy Oxford Rug Punches... with wool yarns and wool fabric strips to punch the rug on Monk's Cloth.  The rug finished to about 18 inches square... just the amount of room I had available to punch on with my largest rug frame.

Most of the rug was punched with my #10 punch, but I did use the #8 punch for the eyes.  This left them 'set back' some from the height of the other loops.  The other loops, because I used both yarn and fabric strips... are all a different sort of every~which~high and low.

The whiskers were made with some thin hemp cord.  I added the key for more charm.  You all know how much I like old keys... or, in this case, a reproduction old key.

Some close~ups of the punching to show the loop texture...

The backside of the rug.  I should trim the yarn that holds the key... but the rest of it is pretty clean.  I only need to add a label... and then it is all finished!

Many thanks to Lori for providing the sweet pattern!  

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. I have printed out the pattern but that is it. Your's turned out cute.

  2. That is one cool cat! Love the texture you added by using different thicknesses, and your embellishments, the whiskers and key necklace are perfect!


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