Sunday, February 22, 2015

~*Still Weaving and Learning as I go...*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Yup, I'm still weaving.  Rug #13 is on my loom now...

I've added a little wool yarn to the beginning of this one for a little variation.  I'll add a matching band to the end too.  Soon, I will be trying to weave some patterns in my rugs... but not just yet...
 Here are rugs #10, 11, and 12 all finished...
I've been adding a jean pocket to the back as a label.  I liked using the leather patches from the Levi jeans, but there aren't that many from my stash of jeans... so the pockets are handy.
 I do just love these Rainbow rugs!  They are made from recycled tee shirts...
 Fun and bright!

All the rugs above had been done correctly.... BUT... some of my earlier rugs have a bit of a goof-up.  This next photo shows where I messed up... on the fringe...
When I tied the fringe, I used a square knot.  This knot could come undone during washing ... and these rugs are made to be used and washed.

Here is a close-up of the wrong knot...
I should have used a slip knot.  Or heck... maybe I have the knot names all messed up.  However, I do know that the knots used should be secure.  So, the latest rugs where tied that way.  Kind of around and through.  Right?

Well, I am learning... or re~learning.  My high school weaving class was a long time ago!

These rugs with the wrong knots can be finished... and I do plan to fix them in the next couple of days.  I read online that the ends could be turned under and sewn with the sewing machine.  I personally like the fringe, but it probably isn't for everyone... so these rugs will be fringe-less when finished.

Wishing you all warm smiles... I'm back to the loom for the evening!



  1. I love the new rugs and the jeans are great for a scrappy look.


  2. Oh what a fun project ~ someday maybe I'll try my hand at making a rug. Love your newest creations and I like the way you put your personal touch on them with the pockets.
    Have fun ~ enjoy!

  3. Rugs are looking awesome, Betty! Adding the pockets is a sweet touch! Do you think there is an easier way to knot all that? I was thinking maybe like with using a latch hook tool? Early here yet... so I only half thoughts on that... lol! Have a great week!

  4. HOW fun!!! Love the new rugs.

    wishing you a wonderful day, doreen


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