Thursday, March 26, 2015

~*Punch Needle Samples*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Yes, lately my crafting time has been consumed with my weaving loom... but punch needle ~ needlepunch (whichever you prefer to call it!)... is still a passion of mine.

I am on Facebook a lot (maybe too much!) and I have joined several punch groups.  I find it so impressive that there are so many newbies wanting to learn about the craft!  And even more impressive, that so many members of the groups are always happy to share their knowledge.

Some of the groups for needlepunch are ~ Punchneedle (Primitive) 101, Punch Needle Place, Needle Punch, and Punch Needle Embroidery.  (And hey... don't forget about the new magazine coming very soon ~ Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine!)

To see the First Punches... or second or third... is always a TREAT!  Newbies are delighted to share their finishes in the groups... and always get great follow up and praise!

Members share links for different video How~Twos, blog posts, or websites with wonderful information.

One thing that I haven't seen shared yet... and might be helpful... is the way different threads work with the needle.

That is what I would like to share with you.  Bare with me and my challenged computer/photo know~how... I will do my best to explain my sample...

I marked off some squares on my stretched Weaver's Cloth and punched with assorted threads...

Weaver's Cloth is my preferred foundation.  It can be found many places online... or at your local fabric store (usually) near what is referred to the 'Bottom Weight' Fabrics... I see mattress ticking, muslin, and duct cloth in this area.  Weaver's Cloth is a Cotton/Poly fabric.  I assume ~ and I've never had a class on it ~ that this is the preferred fabric because it will not stretch too much to distort your work and does not tear easily.

My favorite needle to use is the Cameo Ultra Punch.  My most common setting is #3 with the medium needle.  There are 12 settings available for this needle ~ short to long.  The higher the number = the higher the loops.  Also, the higher the loops means the more thread that will be used.  My second common setting to use is #2... if you are curious.  Also, the Cameo Ultra Punch has Small and Large needles available.  The needles screw/unscrew into the blue plastic pen~like tube.  I have only used the Medium needle.

Let me go back to the first photo for a moment.  Maybe you can click on it to enlarge it?  For this sample photo, I used six different threads that all fit comfortably in my Cameo Ultra Punch Medium needle.  My samples are to show how different thread loops/texture looks.  Some of the samples show color variations with the threads, but the main point I wanted to share with you is how the different texture of the threads themselves look.

Sample #1 is DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss.  This is from my stash that has been over~dyed with Tan Rit Dye.  My friend, Ginger, has several great tutorials on her blog.  Her tutorial for over~dyeing is worth checking out!  

Punching with the floss as it comes from the store is great too.  But if you wish to have some color variation, try changing it up a little.  Over~dye it first with commercial dye and/or coffee.  Or, go ahead and punch your project and then over~dye the entire piece with coffee/tea/or walnut dye to make it a little spotted in parts.  The DMC flosses I have used (and I have used A LOT!) haven't ever bleed on me.  They are color fast.

If you are punching with Weeks Dye Works or Gentle Art Threads embroidery flosses, keep in mind, they may bleed.  However, these threads are so beautiful as they are... over~dyeing them wouldn't be a necessity.

Sample #2 is Valdani #12 Pearl Cotton

On the left I punched with a single strand... and on the right I punched with two strands at the same time.  Why?  Well, this floss is much thinner than I am use to.  The flosses from this company are beautiful... and come in many different floss groups... or can be purchased as single balls.  I haven't used it much and am still getting use to it.  Punching with a single strand gives a 'bumpier' or 'hairier' look.  When using two strands at the same time threaded through the needle, the finished texture is much more like punching with cotton embroidery floss.
Do you see what I mean about 'bumpier' or 'hairier'?  Perhaps if I had a Small needle for my Cameo Ultra Punch the texture would be more even?  Really though, either way is interesting and nice.


Sample #3 is Hand~Dyed Wool Floss/Thread that my friend, Ginger, offers.  You can find it in her Etsy Shoppe or her website, Prairie Moon Primitives.  (She has a great selection of patterns and other supplies too!)  This thread is so awesome to use!  I love it!  Ginger has some great colors available...  but I love it because of the ease of punching with it.  The thread is just the right size and fills the design quickly.  The threads glide with ease through the needle!  I recommend you give it a try!

Sample #4 is Cotton Crochet Thread.  This is Size 3, but thinner crochet thread will work too.  There aren't a lot of colors available with this thread, but it can be over~dyed if you are so talented.  I have used it to make sheep and punched with it unchanged.  I have also over~dyed it with coffee... but normally only after I have punched with it.  Click Here to see a pattern of mine that I have used crochet thread with.

Sample #5 is sock weight yarn that I found at a local Wool Fest a few months back.  This thread works much like Ginger's thread.  If you ever find yourself at a wool show or yarn shop... check out the sock weight yarns.  Again, this post isn't so much about color... but the color of this yarn would make a fun background!

And finally, Sample #6.  This is some yarn that I purchase from a local boy.  He raises Angora Goats for 4H.  When the goats are sheered, he sends the wool to a spinner... and the result is this wonderful finger~weight yarn.  I have dyed some black and have hopes to dye more colors... but, as you know I suffer from time~management skills.  This yarn has a nice texture to it as~is, and the finished punched area using this yarn is very interesting and eye~catching... don't ya think?  It is very soft looking... and feeling.

I hope you find this information... or at least some of it... interesting.  If you have any questions, I am always happy to share what I know... or can try to lead you to the information.  On Facebook, I am Primitivebettys.  Have you visited my page?  Have you liked it?

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Thursday, March 19, 2015

~*Primitive Handmades Mercantil UPDATE TONIGHT!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Whew!  I wasn't quite sure I would make it!  This week is Spring Break for my kiddo.  We have been playing a lot!  

With just over an hour to spare... my items have been added to the website and are ready to go ACTIVE at 8pm CST/9pm EST.

I've made several punches... Cameo Ultra punch with Valdani Threads and wonderful wool threads... and an Amy Oxford Rug punch with my FAVORITE wool rug yarn.  (Thank you, Prairie Moon Primitives, for the great threads & wools!)

Spring is in the air... and I think it shows with my update!

Oh... the small quilt piece isn't one of my wares.  It just had a place in the photo... it was made by my very dear friend, Ginger.  (Yes, same Ginger of Primitives by the Light of the Moon and Prairie Moon Primitives.)  She gifted it to me several years back.  It is beautiful, isn't it?

I want to be sure to give credit to Jenifer Gaston of Woolen Willow Designs for the sweet bunny in the basket rug punch.  She gave this sweet pattern as part of a recent blog hop.  Thank you Jenifer!  The basket was in my collection of 'stuff'... and it finished awesomely together!

CLICK HERE to visit my page... but be sure to check out ALL the fine wares from all the talented artists HERE

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Friday, March 13, 2015

~*Leaping Rabbit FREEBIE!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

I've doodled up something for you...

~*Leaping Rabbit*~  Freebie
 Print it off... re-size it... hook, punch, stitch, paint... have fun with it!

And if you are punching... here is an already mirrored version to help you out...

This is a FREEBIE!  Please do NOT sell the doodle!  You may use it to make works... and those works may be sold in limited number... but please give me, Betty Dekat, primitivebettys... credit for the doodle.  Thank you!

I did want to do a cross stitch version... and I still may... but time hasn't been on my side.  At least, I haven't spent much of my time AT the computer.  The weather has been so beautiful here!  The past few days have been in the mid 70s.  Oh... I do think Spring has SPRUNG!

This doodle is similar to some done in the past... but it is new.  To see more freebie doodles and patterns of mine... CLICK HERE.

Enjoy the doodle FREEBIE!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Thursday, March 12, 2015

~*And the Winner is...*~

Hello Dear Friends!

First of all... thank you to all of you on my blog and Facebook for your kind comments and for entering the Giveaway!  You have all touched my heart with sweetness!

Last night, after 8pm, all the names from my blog and Facebook were written on papers and put in a bucket.  I allowed my Son to stay up a little late so he could draw the winner.

And the winner is... Ann Alexion ... from her post on Facebook.  She commented, "I've followed you for years and this would be such a treat to win!"  Not that the comment gave her a boost with winning... but is was sweet.  Everyone had a fair share... and if the post was shared, the entries had a second copy of their name dropped in the bucket.

I've sent Ann a message for her mailing address so the rug can get to its new home very soon.

Again, thank you to all of you for entering!

I wish I could give one to all of you... but, because I cannot... please keep your eyes open for a FREEBIE DOODLE or FREEBIE CROSS STITCH to be posted in the next day or so.  *SMILES*


I received some grand gifts yesterday!  My SIL, Robin, and my dear friend, Ginger, both gave me goodie treasures...

From Robin...
 From Ginger...
Oh the photographs do not do justice at all!  These gifts are tremendous!  The craftsmanship on the handmades is amazing!

Robin made a Locker Hook Trivet.  She is the Queen of Locker Hook!  

Ginger made a penny rug and velvet heart... and I so wish you could see her tiny embroidery stitches.  WOWZERS!

Thank you, Ladies, for the gifts.  I will treasure them always!!!


Well, I better get busy on that freebie!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Saturday, March 7, 2015

~*Giveaway! YES! Giveaway!

Hello Dear Friends!  Yes!  I'm hosting a giveaway!

You know that I have been away from my blog... and totally wrapped up with my weaving loom lately...

So... I thought, what better way to involve you with my loom goodness than to GIVEAWAY A RUG!

One of my friendly blog or Facebook friends will be the new owner of this denim rug!  It measures about 24 by 35 inches (plus the fringe).  I have woven it on poly/cotton threads... using recycled denim.  It is so durable!  It can be flipped... and it can be washed!  (Wash in cold on delicate/gentle cycle... and line dry)
Use it on the floor... it is the perfect size for in front of the kitchen sink... or use it on a table!  Fun, simple, primitive, country, cozy!

To enter...

* Please comment on THIS BLOG POST ONLY... or the Giveaway post on my Facebook page ~ primitivebettys.  (Sorry, but only US and Canada friends please)

* Please become a follower of my blog and/or Facebook page too

* For another chance in the drawing hat... share my blog or Facebook post too!

I will end the Giveaway on March 11th 9pm CST... The winner will be drawn and posted the next morning.

Wishing you all luck... and warm smiles...