Friday, March 13, 2015

~*Leaping Rabbit FREEBIE!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

I've doodled up something for you...

~*Leaping Rabbit*~  Freebie
 Print it off... re-size it... hook, punch, stitch, paint... have fun with it!

And if you are punching... here is an already mirrored version to help you out...

This is a FREEBIE!  Please do NOT sell the doodle!  You may use it to make works... and those works may be sold in limited number... but please give me, Betty Dekat, primitivebettys... credit for the doodle.  Thank you!

I did want to do a cross stitch version... and I still may... but time hasn't been on my side.  At least, I haven't spent much of my time AT the computer.  The weather has been so beautiful here!  The past few days have been in the mid 70s.  Oh... I do think Spring has SPRUNG!

This doodle is similar to some done in the past... but it is new.  To see more freebie doodles and patterns of mine... CLICK HERE.

Enjoy the doodle FREEBIE!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Thank you for sharing your doodles, Betty!

  2. I love it... thank you so much. I need to finish my crow before I start this one. Thanks again.

  3. You are so generous, Betty. thank you. ...jan

  4. thank you so much for the freebie!! great little spring doodle!!

  5. You use a lot of dates in your projects and I wondered about the significance of the dates?

    1. :-) Most of the time they are just pulled out of my head. Sometimes they are special. For instance, 1957 is the year our former hometown was founded. I like to take a special birth~year of a loved one and subtract 100 years too.


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