Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello Dear Friends!

Finally, I was able to sneak away and do some crafting!  Some rug hooking actually!  This is what resulted from that little bit of time...

Sunflowers!  And red, white, and blue sorta bud...

And more Sunflowers!

The larger blooms are mounted on rusty, old, bedsprings... that I added a wee bit of yarn too ~ for more color.  The blooms were padded ~ like little pillows ~ before I stitched them on the springs.  Aren't the pedals cool?  I hooked them 'proddy~like'.  Actually, I don't know how to proddy... this is my un~schooled method.  LOL  These will be on my update this week.  (Thursday evening at 8pm CST... on Primitive Handmades Mercantile)

These Sunflowers (below) are for the table.  The smaller one is a gift for a friend... a mug rug for her tea or coffee... although, I do think she drinks more ice tea rather than hot drinks.  Hopefully she likes it!

The larger one will be on my update this week too.  It could still be a mug rug, but may be better used as a teapot rug... or just a table rug.  I'll decide how to describe it better when I post the update.

It looks like there is more crafty time available for me the next few days... now to decide what to work on next!  Oh... so many mediums... so many projects!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. Oh I love your sunflowers.... They remind me of warm summer nights in southern France where I used to live and work.
    Big smiles :)

  2. Your sunflowers are very interesting; what a great way to finish them. You are so creative!


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