Friday, December 14, 2012

~*Another Freebie Friday!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh the whirlwind of the Christmas Season is in full force!  Don't ya think?  I'm doing my very best to enjoy it... and ignore the commercial~side of things.  It is tough... and really does sadden, stress, and disappointment me to no end.  It seems to be everywhere!  I do not understand any of it.  Sure, I like to give.  That is the BEST!  However, I don't understand the commercials advertising new cars as Christmas presents... or expensive washers & dryers... or massive flat screen TVs.  Really?  Is anyone that rich that they can give those things as presents?  Well... I suppose there are, but I'm not a Trump or a Kardashian.  Are you?  I come from an average American family.  My personal 'want list' consists of a new hoodie I saw at Walmart a few weeks ago that is only $18... and the request that someone ANYONE help me finish painting our living room!  Oh, a new car or appliances would be awesome... but not realistic!  Really, if I don't get the hoodie or the help... I will still be happy.  Seeing the joy in my son's face at Christmas is enough to bless me!

We have bought most of our presents... and have had to scale back from years past.  With the higher gas prices leading to higher grocery prices... it has taken a tole on our pocketbook.  We are still giving what we can and are more than happy to do it!  To see loved ones glow and smile is really all I ask.  

~For it is better to give than to receive...~

Trinity and I visited the Angel Tree at Walmart the other day.  We bought for a young boy so he could have a Christmas.  We shopped together through the clothing and toy isles... so we could give him things he both needed and wanted.  It is my hope that Trinity will remember this always and continue to give as he grows older.

Along with my gift giving... I am trying to make some handmade items.  It seems this is my plan each year... and yet each year I wait until just a short time before Christmas to do it.  Well... my FREEBIE today may be something you will be able to stitch and give to a loved one...

~*A Child is Born*~ Freebie
© primitivebettys 2012

45 by 35 stitches... use scraps of fabric & threads... please give credit to me, the designer for the pattern

An ornament?  Package tag?  Bowl filler?  Just a simple ditty to share with you.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. How generous you are Betty. Thank you.
    I too hope that our boys remember the angel trees and our community care and share matter how tight it can be at times there's always someone else out there with less.

  2. Thank you for the precious little graph. Now that all my children are grown up my favorite thing to do getting to spend time with them. Just that makes the holidays for me.

  3. Thanks so much for the freebie, Betty! I might stitch this one this weekend. I'm awake and drinking coffee... so anything is possible, right? lol!

    I'm tired of the commercialism part of Christmas too... wears me out just thinking out it! ;-) Gathering together, great food and cozy decorated homes... that's what I enjoy about this time of year!

  4. Thank you for this sweet gift, I will be making it later as a little sachet to go in my bowl.

  5. We are making things for each other.
    And I want a hug from my oldest son who believes hugging is not done for a 16 yrs-old.
    Also we want to be together. That's the biggest gift of all. Thank you for your beautiful blog.


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