Wednesday, January 23, 2019

~* Heart a Snow Day!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

We had a brief, blistering cold, storm roll through last night (actually there have been several over the past few days).  Everything seems to have shut down.  The roads to my work were too rough to bear ~ so I have a Snow Day!

That being the case... I am working on some simple needle punch projects.

I started by tracing a heart onto the Weaver's Cloth.  I then traced the rounds of a few wooden spools to make random circles.

Then, I grabbed random threads from my spiderweb-mess of loose, leftover, threads and began punching.

I shared the above photo on Instragram… and was pleasantly asked if it would be a pattern offering.  Yikes!  What pattern?

The answer is... nope.  Instead, I will do what I can to share it with you here on my blog.  *wink*

 I'm not finished punching the other doodles on my fabric yet.  So, I put the cloth, frame and all, on my printer and hit print.

Then I went to the light box to transfer it to plain paper...


The heart is about 5 1/4 inches across at the widest part.  I didn't trim the scans ~ so it is a bit  messy.  You may print the photos as large or small as you wish... if you wish.  

By the way, the background floss is interesting.  I'm sorry, I cannot remember for sure if I dyed this floss of if my dear friend, Ginger Jackson of Prairie Moon Primitives (formerly Primitives by the Light of the Moon) did it.  The threads have been piling up in my stash for several years now.

This is DMC thread dyed with tan Rit Dye.  Here is the post on Ginger's blog to show how it is done... CLICK HERE.  Ginger doesn't post on this blog much anymore, but she has a wealth of information available ~ patterns and tutorials.  You should give her a visit.

Ok... I'm heading back to my space heater and punch needle.  Enjoy!

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Beautiful punch and floss, whomever it’s from! Thank you for the girt sweet pea 🤗

  2. Sweet little heart Betty!! Must be the season LOL...we had a sputter of snow (only maybe 3” or so?) yesterday, with bitter cold before and even more bitterly cold to come (negative digit highs)....and I pulled out some heart punch needle too. Might have to give your pennny heart a whirl some time.... Heaven knows I have enough stray floss. Happy 2019! Robin

  3. I have been trying needle punch off and on for awhile and I was never much good at it. So I purchased another pattern and started again. I have taken more out than in but I kept telling myself to not get frustrated and I think I am much better at it yea I love the look so much.
    How sweet of you to share.

  4. Happy Monday Betty.... Love the little mat...Oh, I’m a “packer” too...I had one very brief hour lesson in hooking, and then was left to my own who knows what’s right and what’s wrong....except I know that when mine curl, I’ve “over-packed” even for me. Like my husband says, I come with baggage LOL. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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