Saturday, February 16, 2019

~*FAT Hooking!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

This is NOT AT ALL what I should be working on, but it apparently is where my heart is at the moment!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Judy Cripps' hook-in at her home.  While there, I wholeheartedly admired a rug of hers (all of her rugs really!) ~ finished and displayed in her kitchen.  I was delighted to see she had it drawn up and offered as a pattern.  It had to come home with me!  I listened carefully as she gave me a few tips for hooking it up.

It is sweet and simple!  It is also the largest rug I have EVER hooked (29 by 36)... and with the FATTEST STRIPS too!

These wool strips are roughly and inch wide!!!

Not wanting to measure with a ruler... and, of course, not having a wool cutter that would cut a strip this wide... I am using my thumb as a reference and guide.  (never mind my lack of a manicure, please!)

The strips for this rug are suppose to be ripped anyway... so this is working perfectly!

Judy told me to plan for 7x the wool for the motifs.  She advised to lay the wool, folded on the areas to be hooked.  I have a large stash of wool, but not in large dyed pieces all the same.  So, like most of my finishes, it is going to be scrappy... and just the way I love it!

I'm using my FAT, primitive hook opening up a large space to pull each fat, wooly worm through... and I am leaving lots of space between rows... trying very hard to not 'pack' as I hook.  Obviously, the 'packing' continues to be a challenge though.  

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. Your heart served you well. Love your heart. Somehow I missed your other post but would like to say your other Judy pattern is lovely as well.

  2. I’ve gotten up to a #9 but have never done the torn strips. Yours looks good!!

  3. Great rug!! And that IS really big! I have a little torn heart on my frame right now....started it long, long, time ago but ran out of wool (I don’t have much of a stash LOL), and there it sits. You have given me some inspiration. Robin

  4. I have done hand torn and love it. but it is hard to pull I found even using a wide shank.

  5. I love it!! now that is my kind of rug hooking!


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