Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Isn't this beautiful?

My copy of the pattern came in the mail yesterday & I can't wait to stitch this one.... of course, I have to add it to my growing 'To Do' list. (Look at that velvet penny rug it is sitting on too! Wowzers!)

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I was so thrilled when I came upon the web site for Carriage House Samplings.


If you don't know.... I live in a small town - close to a larger college town, but don't have many places here for buying supplies & patterns. We do have one great quilt shop that I do enjoy getting fabric from..... but there isn't anything here for buying stitching supplies & patterns. When I came across the pattern.... you should have seen how quick I got on the phone with credit card in hand! Kathy was so nice to ship my order fast.... and the patterns are put together so professional with clear instructions.

So.... what is on your 'To Do' list? I have rugs to hook, stitches to make, punches to poke, and patterns that need to be drawn up & taken to the printer so I can offer them to you! All this on top of the daily routine.... speaking of.... it is time to go walkin' on the elliptical now..... I have been a bad girl & have let it collect dust for the last four days. Time to get back on track!

Many smiles to ya! :)

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