Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is my Parent's bedroom!!!!!!

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I am so proud of my Mom & Dad! They have done it again! If memory serves me right... this would be their third magazine showing. My parents have lived in several homes over the years & truly enjoy decorating and gardening. Each home has been better than the last. My Mom has an eye for style ~ and my Dad has an 'eye' for my Mom. :)

This magazine, 'Country Victorian' is a Winter 2008 Special for 'Country Almanac' and is on sale at newsstands now. My parents have about six pages of photos in this one. (The largest magazine spread yet for my them!)

If you look real close on page 26, there is a picture of Trinity when he was a baby ~ but you would probably need a magnifying glass to see it! Also, on page 23, you can see a needle punched bunny that I made Mom for her birthday last year (2006). It is on a shelf in her garden room. Oh how proud I am! LOL

What does my house look like ~ you might ask? While Tony and I would love it to be magazine perfect ~ we know it is not and probably never will be. We do love our home because it is 'home'. We have mix-matched furniture and plain-painted walls.... along with our icky green carpet (you can see that in the last post!). We also have three boys, 2 indoor cats, 1 outdoor cat, and 1 little dog that is always hiding somewhere! Someday..... maybe when my parents stop decorating their home - they can come here and help us with ours. I would prefer ours be on the primitive side though. Until then ~ I can just be proud of my parents for their accomplishments!

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  1. Oh my! That's a gorgeous room!!! I saw your "bragging" @ AB4B and had to take a look. I didn't think that "real" people actually lived in magazine type houses.

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'll add you to my blogroll.



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