Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~* Artisan Tan *~

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So beige is not real exciting..... but painting our livingroom is! We are also getting new wood laminate flooring! AND...... our new sofa will be delivered next Tuesday! We have lived happily in our home for just over a year now. Our home is a 1970's humble ranch ~ that we do LOVE! However, it is still decorated with 1970's decor..... complete with avocado green carpet, 'stone' print linoleum, and gold specks on the counter tops. The livingroom changes are the first on our list & will take most of our time this coming weekend...... but it will be worth it!

Watch for photos next week.... both before & after!

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  1. Betty - LOVE the paint color you have chosen! It's very similar to what I did in my studio a few years ago. I took a brown paper bag to the paint store and had them mix the color to match that! LOL


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