Saturday, December 29, 2007

~* A New Year *~


My best wishes in the New Year to you all! May you have more joy than you can imagine in 2008!

I have been thinking of my resolutions. It has become quite a list! One thing that I want to do.... is to give more. Of course that isn't the only thing on my list.... but this one concerns YOU! I want to give more to YOU this year! You may be asking, "What are you going to give?" Well..... I don't know exactly yet. However, you will find your gifts or how to get your gift HERE - on my blog!! Check out the poll & leave your best choice. Then check back often!

In the meantime.... have a great New Years celebration & be safe.

Hugs and smiles to you,



  1. Can I pick more than one, Betty????? How greedy am I? It's just cuz I love everything you do!


  2. Betty, I'm with Sarah. Your work is wonderful. Happy New Year to you and yours !!!


  3. Hi Sweet Betty
    I voted for a bit of wool!!
    Happy New year,
    missing ya


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