Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~*Just a Quick Update for you*~

Before I begin.... thank you all for your kind compliments & orders regarding my cross stitch patterns. As of right now (Wednesday, Jan. 23rd just before noon) all orders have been placed in the mail and are on the way to you. For those that have asked, YES ~ I will be doing more. In fact, I have another model almost finished with many other ideas swimming around in my crazy skull!

I wanted to also tell you...... by Friday of this week...... I will have a finished ditty to offer you. There will only be one ~ so only one winner/receiver. Please come back to enter for a 'drawing' on Friday's post. This will be my Valentine offering that I have spoke of in earlier posts. So.... mark your calendars now & stop back by. You will only be able to sign up for the give~away for a short time........ more details to come!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!

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