Friday, January 11, 2008

~*Willie Has Found Love*~

Hello my dear friends! Willie has found love! Some of you may remember my booklet 'Meet Willie The Perfect Sheep'..... well, here is my second gift to you. Willie has made a return to show off the fact he has round love ~ just in time for Valentine's Day too! (This is not a pattern from the book ~ it is a new drawing.)

Freebie 2

Yes, this pattern is for you to use with your favorite medium. Feel free to enlarge or reduce him to fit your needs. You are free to sell your finished pieces for fun or profit (no mass production please)... just give me credit for the design ~ Betty Dekat/primitivebettys. And ~ WHATEVER YOU DO ~ send me some pics of your work all finished so I can add them to the photo album in my picture trail. I LOVE to see your finished works!

I do still plan to offer a finished 'something' for Valentine's Day. This was a hectic week... with one day spent in bed with a frustrating headache. So... I am a little behind schedule. I do have big plans ahead for the next few weeks though..... they are exciting & I can't wait to fill you in! BUT.... you will have to wait just a few more days.

Please have a wonderful weekend! Be safe & create!!

Warm smiles to you,


  1. You are the BESTEST!!!!
    What a darling drawing, I look forward to making something with it soon!
    Blessings 2 U dear friend

  2. I've sent a link of your blog along to my hooking group. Hope some of them decide to hook it up!
    Darling as usual!

  3. So what is her name, Betty? We need to know who Willie is dating!


  4. A great pattern!!
    Oh if only I could
    fondly, deena

  5. Thank You very much Betty I just printed out your wonderful pattern
    "Willie Has Found Love" I will share pics with as soon as Im done!!Thanks so much Sherrie

  6. Betty,

    What a cute pattern, and I LOVE the pin keep. Your blog always looks so nice. I need to take lessons from you!


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