Monday, January 28, 2008

~*Yikes! I have been tagged again!*~

Yuppers..... it seems I have been tagged again. This time it was Lisa of ~

So.... here are five things about me...

1. In grade school, I was the kid that was always picked last when it was time to choose team members. I am not an athletic person. Maybe that is why I have been tagged again on my blog.... LOL

2. I am an avid American Idol watcher. It wasn't until the third season that I discovered the show, but now Trinity & I watch if faithfully. (Last year, he had tears in his eyes when Sanjia was voted off. Sanjia was not my pick to win.)

3. I have often wondered what a dinner party would be like if Steve Martin, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey were invited. Surely everyone would be laughing too hard to eat!

4. My favorite movies are ~ 'What Dreams May Come' with Robin Williams and 'Forrest Gump' with Tom Hanks.

5. I was Captain of the Flag Team when I was in high school..... we even went to Dallas to march & perform in the Cotton Bowl parade. It was my 15 minutes (well, 2 maybe if even that) of fame to be on national TV!

Ok.... now to tag 5 others.....

How about ~

1. Terri of
2. Tammy of
3. Angie of
4. Sam of
5. Jo of


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