Monday, February 11, 2008

~*Yesterday's Haircut*~

How bad is a crazy haircut? It isn't like he is wanting a tattoo or to pierce something yet...... but he is only 5! Trinity was asking, begging, and pleading to have a mohawk! Well, it is best to 'pick the right battle' right? Hair will grow back ~ usually. My husband warmed up the clippers yesterday for the haircut that was past due...... luckily, he was able to negotiate with our little boy & do a faux hawk in place of a full mohawk......


Now.... let me tell ya ~ this requires lots of gel, blow drying, & styling from Mom to get it to stay in place..... but he LOVES it! I was worried the kids at school would tease him about it. However, he came home today gleaming with pride! His friends all wanted him to do their hair up like it. (There are 2 boys in his class of 20 that do already have haircuts a lot like this!)

Trinity also reported that he had a GREEN day!!! His teacher gives them a color card each day to report the daily progress. Green is the best with black being the worse. Days of late, he has only been able to get yellow or blue.... with an occasional red. It has been about 2 months since my little angel has had a green. Do you think the wild oozed out of the fin at the top of his head? LOL


  1. funny! hair usually grows back but when you hit my age, you can never be certain. Charming blog. Love the photos of the crazy quilt.

  2. I think he is a rocker in training. Amazing how a good hair day can make all the difference. Nice Blog.

  3. RAWK ON Trinity! =0]
    Love your spot Betty...and you my friend! xoxo

  4. So cute! You are on the money about choosing your battles. I had the same thing with my youngest (he is 21 now)He always wanted his hair longer than the school allowed so I just waited for the school to tell him he had to have a hair cut before he could come back - that happened several times a year! He hadn't been in college 2 months when he cut it all off! Just wanted it to be his choice.
    He wanted to dye it silver one year - we compromised with highlights since they were not allowed to have any color that wasn't a 'natural hair color'.
    Oh - and he did get a tatoo as soon as he turned 18. Thakfully he only has the one so far!
    Love your blog - I'll be back to poke around later.

  5. Trinity is just too cute, Betty. Don;t give in when he asks for a tattoo!


  6. I believe the term you were looking for is "faux hawk", not "fro hawk". I believe in order to have a fro hawk, one has to have afro hair.
    Fro Hawk<-Definition
    Faux Hawk<-Definition

  7. Anonymous... you are so right! I do humbly apologize for my error. It will be corrected.


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