Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~* Bees & Stitchin' *~


Did you know there was a connection?

Well, there is.... sort of. I had heard about this tip years ago when I started my cross stitch passion.... but had forgotten about it. Then my BLESTB buddies reminded me of it last year. It really is a great thing to know. If you rub some beeswax on your thread before stitching ~ it will strengthen the thread, help it glide through the fabric better, and help with those pesky knots. There are actually holders (new and old) that are made to hold your wax. However, I just use a beeswax tart made for melting in a tart warmer. When it is too 'cut' from the threads, I melt it & grab a new one. Plus.... the wax tarts I use have a delicious scent to them too!

Happy stitchin'!

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  1. I did indeed know about this tip....another reason I chose 'brown bee' as my name/logo, etc! Thanks for mentioning it again though....I'm sure it's helpful to another stitcher out there. =0]


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