Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~*Could It Be Double Vision?*~

I have been tagged AGAIN and given the You Make My Day Award AGAIN! Didn't this just happen? Awwwww Shucks! I'm game... I'll play tag again. This time I was tagged and awarded by Sue of Rabbit Hollow Prims. Thank you Sue!

Here are 5 more things about me that you may not know & might be a little odd.... and, let me say, it is getting tough to find 5 things!

1 ~ I cannot EVER eat just 1/2 of a candy bar! It shocks me when I see someone take a few bites & put it down. There is no way ~ no how I could ever do that! Once I start, it is finished in just a few minutes.

2 ~ Besides Knots Landing in the late 80s.... I haven't gotten into the whole soap opera thing. Days or World???? I haven't watch either ~ ever.

3 ~ I have never had stitches or a broken bone. (knock on wood!)

4 ~ When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, there were only 3. The forth one hasn't shown up. It probably won't know.... the others were pulled 20 years ago.

5 ~ If I watch a movie at home and am not working on something (hooking, stitching, or punching), I will always fall asleep ~ even if it is a good movie.

Now.... let me tag AND award a few more of my buddies!

1 ~ Andie of The Brown Bee
2 ~ Jo of Cotton Eyed Jo
3 ~ Tammy of Skip To My Ewe
4 ~ Jackie of T.F.C. Folk Art
5 ~ Sarah of The Paisley Studio

I TRIED to pick buddies that I haven't tagged for awhile. :) They all get this award too!


I want to show you all this too!

My friend Deirdre of The Old Rose Cottage made this from my Tulip Doodle. She has it offered on Ebay. Stop by to take a peek when you get a chance. She did such a sweet job! I love her interpretation of the design. WTG Deirdre!

My new cross stitch patterns are back from the printer's! I should be posting them tonight or tomorrow. Please keep watchin'!

Many smiles to you,


  1. Yikes -- tagged again! I'll have to put my thinking cap on. . .
    Thanks for the award -- it is my first. Happy spring, Betty!


  2. Thanks! It is an honor to be tagged by someone we admire...Jo


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