Monday, March 24, 2008

~*I've Been Awarded*~

I have been given this award by Angie of lovetheprimlook AND Sam (also known as the Samtress) of Gollywobbles. It was so nice of both of them to share the award with me! It made me blush - ya know.

Let me pass the award on to ~

Lori of Notforgotten Farm for her kindness & support. She has helped me creatively and on the business side of things so many times. Thank you Lori for 'paying if forward'.

Kelley of With Hook and Needle for her friendship & her WOW of artistic ability. You ROCK Kelley girl!

Julie of Plumruncreek for the smiles her gardens bring to my face!

Oh, there are so many more friends that I could & would love to share this award with. But, I will limit myself to only the three right now.

I would like to add.... that I have never met any of these friends face to face. They are all Internet buddies & several states away. They are all very near and dear to me though. Smiles & hugs for each of you!!!


While I am posting today.... I should take this opportunity to tell you about The Eclectic Artisans Webshow scheduled for April 7th. It will be a treat for sure!


Also.... yes, I have been saying this for awhile but this if FOR SURE.... I will have two new cross stitch patterns ready by the end of this week! Please keep watchin'.

Have a beautiful day & happy stitchin' hookin' and punchin'!


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  1. Thank you Betty for the award. You are the sweetest person. Have a great week!! Julie~Plumruncreek


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