Thursday, March 20, 2008

~*Glorious 1st Day of Spring*~

Yes, that is my husband playing with Trinity & our nephew Eric! He got in a little play time before heading off to work. That is good for them all!

We have had a marvelous day here! The sun has been shining all day & the temperature has been warm ~ probably low 70s. The wind has picked up now, but how can I complain about that after such a lovely day?

No, I am not on the trampoline..... it just isn't my thing. I was taking a break from working on a flower bed in the front of the house to laugh, snicker, and snap a few pics. (hubby hasn't seen these yet) LOL

You may have read before how we are trying to re-landscape the front of our home. My Mom is a wonderful gardener and has planned the whole thing for us. She said she is using my birthday as an excuse to plan, buy, and hopefully come help plant. I am tickled to death with the gift! I am not a gardener & can barely keep a plant alive anywhere. She has all the details planned and promised to keep it low up-keep & easy for me. However, she has insisted that I get rid of the day lilies (or tiger lilies) that are in the front of our home between the house and the sidewalk. She said they are not the kind of flowers she prefers and don't fit her masterpiece design. Maybe you have these in your area. They really aren't awful, they are just more like wild flowers. In Kansas they grow along the highway in ditches EVERYWHERE. The couple that built our home were hard working farmers, and probably just planted them because they were readily available. They have probably been in this flower bed for over 30 years.

They are THICK (with a few iris mixed in here and there too)! It was on my To-Do list today to try my hardest to dig them out. Regretfully, I only made it about halfway.

I found that digging them JUST RIGHT was like digging sod (not that I have done a lot of that - mind you!) If I managed to get the shovel under the clump of roots & bulbs, they would almost peel out of the bed. They were then loaded up in the wheelbarrow & I hauled them to the back of the property to dump them. I'll bet they continue to grow back there too! That would be alright with me - a few orange blossoms will dress up the edge of the pasture.

So, after this first glorious day of Spring...... it is time for a hot bath & some quiet stitching time.

Please keep watching my blog for my Mom's gardening gift soon.

Smiles to you all!


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