Wednesday, March 5, 2008

~* I'm NOT a Pro.... I just do it my way*~

I'm not a Professional Rug Hooker & not a FINE hooker by any means. My way of rug hooking is completely self-taught and has taken on a primitive, hickety-pickety style. That is OK with me.... I love it!

I have never taken a hooking class. Everything I do with my hook is self taught from books, the internet, and chatting with hooker friends. I have never used rug binding to finish a rug. Instead, I usually just turn the rug backing under and stitch it down. It became difficult for me to do this with a chairpad. How do you just turn it under and stitch it down when the rug itself is round? Hummmm... I thought. Well, this is my way of doing it. If you are a FINE hooker, you may cringe.... but this is my primitive, make-do way & I love it!

After hooking my hit 'n miss mat, I turned the linen backing under ~ gathering it here and there and pressing it with an iron.

blog pic

I then cut an old cotton grain sack about an inch larger than the mat. I did this by just laying the pad on the sack & cutting.... nothing fancy or measured. Next, I turned the raw edges of the cotton fabric under & pinned it to the pad.

blog pic

With my FAVORITE linen thread ready....

blog pic

I used a double strand of thread to stitch a simple stitch around the perimeter of the pad.

blog pic

Notice the seam on the back? Well, I thought it would be extra prim to leave it.... it is from the original grain sack.

blog pic

Here is the front of the pad ~ before adding my Walnut & Spice stain...

blog pic

Here is the back ~ after adding the stain... it looks nice & used ~ doesn't it?

blog pic

And the front after the stain...

blog pic

So, that is how I made this extra-prim, extra-simple, extra-make-do chairpad.

It is listed now on my Lemon Poppy Seed Shop....

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  1. It's so primly FANTABULOUS, Betty! You've chosen your colors well...=0]

  2. Hi Betty!

    This piece is really nice! I love the colors also. Great Job on finishing it off and aging it. Looks very authentic. :-)

    Kimmie in OP

  3. Hi Betty,

    You've Been Tagged! Please come to my Blog to get the information! It is a fun one, different than the other!


  4. Hi Betty,
    I love the tutorial. Your work is beautiful. I got a chuckle out of your comment "my hooker friends". Ladies of the evening? :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sweetest regards,


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