Tuesday, April 1, 2008

~*April Fools!*~

No.... I'm not gonna fool ya! I hope you aren't struck by the Fools Day bug too bad today!


I have been tagged again! This time it was from Debbie of Simple Country Blessings. It is a tag game "How Did You Get Your Business Name". Well, this is going to sound dull.... but I came up with my business name quickly & simply.... just trying to get an Ebay user id! I had drooling over all the delicious prims on the site for many months at the time.... and just thought I would be primitivebettys.... just all lower case and smacked together! Not too exciting, huh? Oh well... that is me..... simple 'ol me.

Now I tag ~

Megan 'Nutmeg' of The Magpie Nest.... a fabulous artist of needle punch and dollies!

Marianne of Stitching, tea, and me... she designs some wonderful cross stitch patterns with the business name Midnight Stitching!

BJ of Daughternature Primitive Folk Art.... a super nice gal & maker of lovely prim dolls!

Hopefully they haven't been tagged with this game before & I missed it.


Also.... because today is the 1st.... that means update day! Please stop by to check out the newest goodies!

The Primitive Gathering

Lemon Poppy Seeds

Have a wonderful day.... with lots of smiles!

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  1. Actually I think your business name is perfect. And love that it's all lowercase, very cool. Ah, thanks for tagging me, off to respond on my blog.


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