Saturday, April 12, 2008

~*What a Fun Day!*~

This was such a fun day! We did a lot of driving.... but it was so nice to spend the whole day with my hubby's full attention. We headed to Belton, MO to pick up another go-kart. Some of you may remember, we have a track in our yard and now own 6 karts. These are racing karts & great fun ~ our entire family is into them and pretty much all have at least one kart. Hubby found one on Ebay for a good buy... so had to add to the collection. He promised that we could eat lunch out and find some places that I might like to stop at along the way.

We had also planned to stop by Pleasant Hill, MO to check in on the remote control race track he was interested in also. Yes, my husband has a HUGE collection of remote control cars too.... along with an indoor race track for them. That is a whole other story.

By 3:30 this afternoon, we had the go-kart and had stopped to visit the rc track.... but hadn't found any good antique/junk spots at all. I was feeling a little disappointed... but still having a good time. It is not often enough that I can just sit & chat with my best beloved buddy. Leaving Pleasant Hill, we took a wrong turn and were thinking we were lost. This is about 2 hours from home and not in an area that we were familar with at all.

We reached another town called Greenwood. We turned the corner onto Hwy 150 & I spotted flag after flag. You know, the red, white, and blue ones with the word OPEN on them.... the ones that are hung in front of antique stores. Oh my goodness! We hit the jackpot of antique/primitive Heaven! By this time it was after 4pm... and the shops close at 5pm on Saturday.... but I still quickly ran through three of them. They were so wonderful... and each were filled with the kind of things that I love! Two of them even had hand dyed wool for rug hooking!

Let me just say.... if any of you are in the area, you should stop! They are having a Garden Show on May 2 & 3.... as well as other events throughout the year. Here is the link showing each shop...

Greenwood, MO

Of course, WE are going back.... SOON!


On another happy note.... my computer should be back tomorrow. My dear step-son had to re-build it for me. (He is a sweetheart!) As soon as it is back, I'll put up another freebie doodle for ya!

Many smiles to you,



  1. A go-kart track in your backyard! WOW - my boys want to know when they can come visit LOL! Having two sons, I've learned to enjoy go-karts and to stop the car when we pass one in our travels! People that knew me BK (before kids) are shocked to hear what having sons does - go-karts, camping, ATV tours - and its hard to believe, but I enjoy it now too! I'm so happy you took a wrong turn and found some shops - tell us what you bought :) Patti G

  2. Betty,
    Did you have a chance to go to the Greenwood Mercantile
    I think that is where Anita White has a lot of her least she used to.
    I could spend hours in that town looking cool!!!!
    A few years ago we went up to the Garden show and we were there a day EARLY...boy, did we feel stupid:)

  3. What a wonderfully special day! And it sounds like you both hit your own hobby jackpots!! Must check out the link in Greenwood. Glad you have your computer is back home. : )


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