Sunday, May 11, 2008

~*A Very Happy Mother's Day to All of You!*~

Hello my friends! I do hope you have all enjoyed a beautiful day full of family & friends... and that all my 'Mom' friends were SPOILED! Today felt extra-special for me. We got together with Tony's side of the family for a delicious lunch at a local lake where my in-laws have been camping all week. So my Mother-in-law could enjoy the day ~ we all did the cooking. One sister-in-law made pork loins, another made baked beans, and yet another made pasta salad. I made my usual chopped salad (An easy salad compliments of my Aunt's instruction.... just chop up a bag of salad along with a few other veggies ~ cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. ~ very fine. Because it is all minced so small, the salad takes on a new flavor. This is a favorite of my Father-in-law.) I also made FROM SCRATCH, a Texas Sheet Cake. Now, remember, I'm not much of a cook..... but this did taste pretty yummy. We all ate & chatted & enjoyed this beautiful Spring afternoon.

When we arrived home, it was time for mowing. In fact, as I type this post it is 9pm & my hubby is back on the mower trying to get a little bit more done before it is too dark. He took a break tonight to fix supper and clean the kitchen! He also gave me a beautiful card & a solar lantern for my flower garden (or gardens... maybe I will move it around from bed to bed). See, I was spoiled! (Oh, he knew I would post about this on my blog. He thought I would use this pic to bribe him. He also told me to say that I am too controlling in my kitchen. I was having a tough time letting him do the dishes.... because it all had to be done my way. LOL)

Trinity helped spoil Mom today too. He drew me a fine piece of artwork. It showed him playing soccer with Chuck E. Cheese. He also helped me mow.... walking along helping push the mower.

While supper was being made, I snapped a few other pics from our yard. Here is a photo of our fish pond.... still in progress. Trinity has been good about feeding his fish on a daily basis. My sweet sister-in-law, Robin, gifted me the water plants. There are iris and lily pads. The lilies are still trying to work themselves to the top of the water. I'm hoping to do a little more work on this garden tomorrow.

We have wild poppies all over the yard. I haven't let Tony mow any of them down & am being rewarded now for my persistence with that. They are blooming beautifully!

Happy Mother's Day... with lots of warm smiles,


  1. And Happy Mother's Day to you too Betty!! Your day sounded perfect and so happy to hear the Texas Sheet Cake turned out delicious. Your water garden is looking lovely. Perfect with the old fashioned water pump right there. And your poppy is gorgeous. So glad your day was extra special.

  2. So glad you had a happy Mother's Day! :D Great pictures - I love poppies!

  3. Just love your pics, Betty. I made Texas Sheet Cake for Mother's Day too. Did all the cooking for my mom and mother-in-law. There were about 22 of us for our get together. Had a great time.

  4. Betty~ Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day! Texas Sheet Cake is an all time favorite of mine. My Dad grew up in Texas and we would visit my Granny and she would make the cake! YUM! Love your water garden and what a thoughtful hubby!


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