Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~*Feeling Over-Extended, Over-Scheduled, Over-Baked*~

The new graphic on the left was made by Linda Pinda & offered for free on her blog. Isn't it so true? Thank you Linda!

For the last several weeks, I have been feeling over-extended, over-scheduled, and over-baked (a lot like my cooking.... because a cook, I am NOT). I have personal deadlines made for my cross stitch patterns.... that I have not finished YET. I had expected to have them finished weeks ago.... and am still working on the final details. There is a rug that I've been hooking on for well over a month that was due last Sunday. It still sits un-hooked & collecting dust. Trinity is in the final few weeks of kindergarten. That means lots of parties, field trips, and play days ~ that I wouldn't miss for ANYTHING. Then, as you have all seen, there is the gardening. All this on top of cleaning, laundry, and LIFE.

How does one find a happy balance? hummm..... maybe that is the Million Dollar question.

I guess I'm venting.... when I should just get back to work. Right? Ok.... chin up ~ make the best of what I have & the best of what I can do. That is what I will do.



  1. Betty,

    I am there as well. It is good to know I am not alone.

    Hope you find some peace this week!


  2. Oh, but Betty, Life is meant to be ENJOYED! Tie a pink polka-dot bow in your hair and throw those deadlines right out the window! It is Spring, and this glorious time of year will only last so long. Soon you will be hiding out from all of that summer heat, and you will have plenty of time in the cool of your living room to stitch away...

    Now if only I could take a little of my own advice to heart! :)

  3. I agree with farmgirl beth, a pink polka dot ribbon may be just the medicine you need for spring fever! LOL You are such a hard worker, cut yourself some slack! After all, although I think birthdays only make you one day older, you just had one, and can use your advancing years as an excuse!!! Now I really am LOL!

    Before long school will be out and you and Trinity can sit under a tree, sip lemonade, and read together. Does life get better than that? I don't think so!

  4. Oh sweet Betty
    I sure know how you feel
    just take each
    at a time..
    Peace of Christ for you..deena

  5. Hi Betty~ Know just how you feel but you hang in there and enjoy Trinity's last few days of school and I bet in no time everything else will be done! Have a great weekend!


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