Tuesday, May 6, 2008

~*Another Year Older*~

Yes, it is true. Sunday was my birthday and I am now another year older.... or as a dear friend said to me ~ another year wiser, happier, and just getting better all the time! We had the big birthday bash here on Sunday with much of our wonderful family. We ate & played all day! I was given many generous gifts.... but the biggest was just having them all here to share time with. The weather was tremendous & made the day even better! Tony and I had spent Saturday dressing up the yard & cleaning house.... even though we were beat by the end of the night, it was all so worth while.

Sunday events ~ We started the day off by gardening. My parents, sister, and cute-as-a-button niece showed up with a truck load of plants. We filled up that vacant spot in the front of our home! Yippee!!! It is looking fabulous now! We even have a Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree! My Mom works wondering in the garden. She gave us many plants & put them all in the right spot. (My job yesterday was to put down mulch.... I quickly discovered I didn't buy enough. Off to market to get more.) Gardening left us pretty dirty for the rest of the day ~ nothing like having dirt under your finger nails, right? It didn't matter though..... we still had fun!

We had BBQ hamburgers, dogs, and chicken.... along with a wonderful selection of salads. (Have I ever mentioned that my sisters-in-laws and mother-in-law are the best cooks on the prairie?) We had both ice cream cake and strawberry shortcake to end the meal.

Trinity helped me open presents. My family was very generous. (Thank you all of you!)

Then, it was time for go karts!

I'm not sure how many showed up... but the sheriff stopped by. Oops... did we do something wrong? No, he only stopped because he and his son use to race karts. He might even bring him by sometime to race with the guys.

Like I said.... it was a FUN day!

Now, if I can get the dirt out from under my nails...... I WILL be cross stitching this week!

Smiles to you,


  1. Happy Birthday Betty! Sounds like you had the perfect day, mother nature cooperated and your family was the best gift in the world. Can't wait to see the end result of your Mother's Front Yard gardening. All the blooms are already looking wonderful seeing all the pictures. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  2. Happy birthday wishes from way over in the Netherlands! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. :D

  3. Happy Birthday again, Betty! So glad you had such a wonderful day!


  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you dear Betty
    looks and sounds like GREAT fun.

    you deserve it!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Betty!! You may be a year older (and better) but compared to me, you're still a youngster.

    Hey, wanna come play in my dirt?? This broken leg is really making my beds suffer and they need weeding and mulch badly.

    Your pictures are great and it sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  6. Glad you had a fun~filled birthday! I'm sure your front yard will look spectacular as it grows. Wishing you many, many more wonderful birthdays!


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